Welcome to this website that is attempting to record all 
Mk 1s Jensen Interceptors that survive.

We now have probably found 378 of the 1024 cars produced, 5 of which the chassis number is unknown.

That gives a possible  36.91% survival rate.

Also recorded are 35 that are shown as Scrapped. These are not included in the above survival rate calculation.

The data and Graphs are now on a separate page I have also added the cars I am actively looking for to purify the list. ie those I don't know exactly where they are and the Bottom 25 that, although listed, I have had no confirmation if they really survive


I have also added a page for FaceBook links


I thought I might draw attention to cars that have had info updated here.

Jan 2020

New Photos - Car now in primer 

New Photos - of Kevin’s Car taken at the NEC show 2019 

Feb 2020

Car for sale eBay - not seen since 2011

New Photos of restoration - Engine rebuilt

New Photo - Now in the paint-shop

New Photos - Photos from a photoshoot added to album and future project added to main page

Mar 2020

New Photos - Car now in First Coat  of Californian Sage

New Photos - Car found on FB recorded for posterity but as fate unknown not recorded as a survivor

Car for Sale Bonhams - April 2020  NEW SURVIVOR

New Photos -  of the sterling progress on Jame’s car in Australia 

Possible new survivor  -  but not recorded as such as seen on Facebook and photos are possibly 6+ years old 

New Article -  The Observer Road test of a MK1. LINK

Previous Owner put in touch with current owner -  Photos added to page and History page added

New Photos -  Of restoration work from the new owner in Austria 

New Survivor -  first contact waiting more info and photos

New Photo -  and update for condition

Confirmation of condition -

Confirmation of condition - New photos added

Confirmation of condition - New photos added

As some of you might know I am trying to confirm numbers and condition.

I have amended my spreadsheet to record whether a car is; 

‘On the Road’  ‘Under Restoration‘ ‘For Sale’ or ‘Scrap‘  

Would owners please email me with the chassis number in the subject line and condition in the body.

This will give me the following

Should you have, or know of, a Jensen Interceptor Mk 1 please forward details for inclusion; either using the email button below, or the EMAIL DATA FORM page in the header as this will make my task easier. If you cannot see how to do that email me and I will send you an email for you to fill in.

The main page of this website is the list on MK1s ON THE LIST and is an amalgamation of lists supplied to me from all over the world. When I started this quest it was often said that there were just 100 MK1s of the 1024 that were produced left. Another page added that I thought might be of interest is the HISTORY, which was written by ‘Wallace’ and which I have ‘borrowed’ from the Jensen Owners Club Site. I have also added links to the Jensen Owners’ Club and their Forum as well as other sites I have come across on a new page entitled WEB LINKS.

I am using Chassis number as the preferred reference. Each individual car has their own page which is, in turn, is linked, if I have photos, to an  individual album by the top right Photo; as in my car 115/3492. Do not get too worried about the number of Photos, this is just about all of my photos and is to show what can be done not what should be done. [photographically not car wise!] I am hoping that we will end up with a few photos of each car and possibly with a little explanation of what each owner has done and why. Over time, as cars are bought and sold, we should be able to record the sales data on the car and build up a history of what has happened and why.

            Blue (for sale)                        Green (on the road).                     Yellow (under restoration)                         Black (scrap )

The sales history gives the previous advert and will be kept for future reference.  Some of the cars include the original sales invoice which is interesting if only for the price of Petrol. (115/2901 and 115/3301)

If you have any knowledge of the history of any of the cars on the list please let me know and I will pass it onto the current owner.