Numbers and Location of Cars found


This is the data page to show numbers and numbers of variants of MK1s and  where and when cars were last seen.      

It will be most useful, and help me to keep up-to-date, if owners could confirm their car is still in the condition listed. Just a quick email with the chassis number in the heading and confirmation of condition and ownership. 

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I have added data from the cross reference spreadsheet I have started and some other information that I hope you find interesting. In addition to this website I am hoping to be able to identify cars from their original or last known registration number. I also would like to to be able to answer some of the regular questions I get such as “how many cars are in a certain area” or “when was/were cars last seen”.  The data is generated from the spreadsheet now, thanks to Richard Calver and one or two others, it shows only 7 cars without a date when last seen and only 2 without a location.

Can you Help? Can you confirm the following?


In 2017 I heard about, and/or recorded, 83 cars, in 2018 I recorded 95 and from the above you can see how many I have recorded so far this year. I record some from posts on the JOC forum, some from posts on Facebook, some from Sales Adverts and others from email updates.

Richard Calver has tighter parameters than I, but, from the above, you can choose your cutoff point to decide the percentage of cars that are current or not. Newly added in the right hand columns are the accumulative totals of all Mk1s.


Can anyone confirm that these cars still exist?

These are the cars that I have listed as survivors but have no information on since they were first advised to me. They were probably taken from others lists when I first started the Survivors List but I have had no confirmation that they are still around.

For the UK cars I have got the following from the DVLA Website

    2546 is SORN

    2832 number plate was on a Skoda

    2845 number plate now on a Porsche

    2844 Number not found

    3375 is SORN

    3449 number not found

    3464 Untaxed since 1994

    3474 is SORN

Any help would be appreciated