Michael Cooper's Jensen Days (a photographic history of Jensen)

Michael Cooper\'s Jensen Days (a photographic history of Jensen)


The late Michael Cooper’s photographic career included corporate assignments on behalf of Jensen Motors, and their relationship, established via a PR agency, bore beautiful images of beautiful products during that company’s most turbulent period – its glamourous zenith and its subsequent nadir and demise.

This delightful, beautiful publication - entirely comprising monochrome photographs (see below) – thoughtfully includes a fabric bookmark and a ‘silver’ text block finish, thereby complementing the images and lending the book something of a sense of occasion. Aesthetes with a penchant for rakish automobiles are urged to indulge themselves and purchase this magnificent publication!

Criticisms? Cooper’s images are beyond (negative) critique. However, the ‘author’/editor confesses that at least one of the photo-shoots, (partially?) reproduced here, was shot in colour. The reader, then, is inevitably left frustrated, bereft of the vibrant ‘swinging sixties’ psych-out colours that were so contemporaneously popular. In addition, the author’s captions would occasionally benefit from the ubiquitous ‘spellcheck’ – and grammar-check – facility. Finally, the author fails to recognise Andy ‘Mr Indy 500’ Granatelli (P156)

To conclude - highly recommended (especially via the – extremely helpful - Jensen Owner’s Cub website, where copies are generously discounted!)

Nicholas Lightbown, 14/02/2016
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