Magazine Binder (holds 18 magazines)

Magazine Binder (holds 18 magazines)

A very nice product but, like a Jensen, requires a little work to get the best out of it.
Firstly is the appearance - a pleasant blue lightweight leatherette finish that should look acceptable in any bookcase. On the spine is "Jensen Owners' Club" and the winged log on the front, both impressively gold stamped to a high standard.

It holds up to 18 magazines - about 12 fit in with ease; after that you have to start compressing the spines, as the magazines never arrive completely flat. The mags are held on an ingenious system of thin threads. Make sure you sort out the issues before you start, as you can't change the order or insert an extra copy without removing the magazines and starting again.

To install the magazines, pull out and stretch the thread and then slip the magazine under it until the thread runs down the central fold. At first, the tightness of the thread scraped along the edge of the pages and roughened them, so in best Jensen engineering practice a better way had to be found. This involved the addition of a helpful wife to hold the cord stretched while I moderated my language. Then, even better was to use some implements (skewers with loops in the end) to hold the thread out. Finally, I found that if you open the cover as far as it will go, you can hook out the thread and stretch it over the edge of the cover, both top and bottom. It is now a one-man job to slide in the issues.

So, put aside 20 minutes to get all the mags in without damage, but other than that recommended. Note that very old copies of the magazine were a little shorter so they will fit, but will slip up and down.

Stephen Carter, 09/08/2011
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