windage tray tip

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windage tray tip

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My built 440 is now running and sounds real strong. The oil leak was solved with a new product from Summit, a windage try combined with a gasket molded in. No more juggling 2 gaskets, windage tray and the pan. I used a Milodon 6 quart Hemi pan and the straight oil pickup tube. The old curved pickup tube touched the old metal windage tray and the new molded one. It helps to remove the torque converter inspection plate for installation and removal(only 4 small bolts). We had a real problem with the front 4 oil pan bolts. We finally bent up a cheap wrench that will miss the front crossmember.
Ken Freese
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Re: windage tray tip

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very handy tip, got a link to the Summit product?
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Re: windage tray tip

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Part numbers MRG-61101G and MRG-61100G or Summits own make SUM-G2339 and SUM-G2340

Note the difference is the stroke length of the rods you are using.

I think Jegs also have their own make as well but I havent checked.

Im also not sure, but 100% the Mr Gasket ones have a small spacer in each hole to prevent overtightening.

Hope it helps
Andrew P
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