David Holloway's lightly modified Mk1

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David Holloway's lightly modified Mk1

Post by VFK44 »

Just July and August to catch up on now...

This month: David Holloway's newly purchased Mark 1.
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This 1969 Mk1 has only had four owners and is finished in Burgundy with magnolia hide. It underwent a total restoration costing many thousands of pounds in 1992 by JENCRAFT for one of their Director’s personal use. It includes many bespoke touches, including knock on/off wire wheels, full length sunroof, front spoiler and piped upholstery. The controversial headlamp modification mirrored the design of the Interceptor Series 4 which was at that time still in limited production.
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The stunning condition today is a testament of the restoration's workmanship, plus being sparingly used on the road having remained in the Director’s family ownership and stored in a heated garage with a collection of other vehicles until its sale in January 2017.

During that period it has rather "dropped off the radar" but after David Holloway purchased it in the New Year, he remedied that by exhibiting it at the Bristol Classic Car show where it was awarded a 'Highly Commended'.


This actual Interceptor was driven by Cliff Richard in 1994 in a programme called stars in their cars, standing in for Cliff's own Positano Yellow Mk1, which was broken for parts some years ago.
Cliff Richards.jpg
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You Tube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3Xp8hT_2gc
The car as it appeared in 1992 after the JENCRAFT restoration
The car as it appeared in 1992 after the JENCRAFT restoration
Jencraft Resto.jpg (107.4 KiB) Viewed 4756 times
"Now that chassis number is particularly interesting ‘cos it’s the one after the one before, which is the one after mine, not many people know that"
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Re: David Holloway's lightly modified Mk1

Post by Pymmie »

I have seen the car quite a bit over the past few months.

It looks as good today as it did in 1991.

I know David is keen to tidy up the engine bay to show winning standard.

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Re: David Holloway's lightly modified Mk1

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Nice car, but for car of the month why not just skip 3 months and start again in October? I'm sure the owner of the next car couldn't care less if they are car of the month for July or October, and July, August and September won't mind, they're just months.


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Re: David Holloway's lightly modified Mk1

Post by Grant »

I also remember seeing the car back in the day, ... I had a friend who bought a "J" series from Jencraft back circa 1992.. Who was running Jencraft & what happened to Jencraft then?
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