John Pym's G series Interceptor III

Interceptor back on the road in the nick of time!
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John Pym's G series Interceptor III

Post by zacmarshall »

This is John Pym?s early mark III, PRK 34K.
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John joined the forum back in 2007, he wasn?t very active on the forum but Interceptor ownership was definitely at the back of his mind.
This was one of his first posts, made in April 2010.
I would love to own an Interceptor, but it?s still a long way off! Probably around 5-7 years as we speak, due to finance & location (no garage!). I would love to assist anyone local with repairs, restoration or general maintenance. From this I hope to get more knowledge of the marque and learn about all the pitfalls.


John Pym
Just over a month later though...
I pick my Int 3 on Monday night! As the chassis is 128/4451 this makes it a very early Mk3 with the 383 engine Does anyone know of any differences to the wiring diagram shown on the forum, Its listed as H series onwards Apr 72 ,mine is Jan 72 I am a complete novice and look forward to any help John...

John ran the car for about a year and then took it off the road around November 2011 with what he hoped would be a 12 month restoration. It then became apparent that the garage would take considerably longer. Both valances, wings, door skins and bottoms and rear arches needed changing.


The car was still not finished in June 2014 when he got re-married and was grateful to Mark Rivron for loaning his 'quick' SP.

After in January 2015 deciding to put his effort into a organising a tour of Cornwall in the September he hoped his car would be ready!


Come September 8th the car was still in primer with only 17 days until the tour started.


John decided to take a couple of weeks off work (he is a self employed sparky) and finally got the car MOT'd on Thursday 24th September at 6pm.
All he had to do now was drive around 350 miles in car that had driven 5 miles in 4 years, simple.... The car didn?t miss a beat all weekend and was a pleasure to drive, now it?s just a matter of ironing out all the little things that he didn?t get around to doing in that frantic fortnight!

A couple more photos from Cornwall



For more information see John's posts here:
jp1b.jpg (98.64 KiB) Viewed 4469 times
jp1.jpg (203.71 KiB) Viewed 4469 times
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Re: John Pym's G series Interceptor III

Post by colin7673 »

Well done John, the car looks stunning and I hope to see it soon.
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Re: John Pym's G series Interceptor III

Post by cannonball »

Yes well done its amazing when you pull the trigger how much you can actually get done when a dead line is on the table,, looks great matey,
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Re: John Pym's G series Interceptor III

Post by Eddie »

Grear car, and top bloke for sorting the Cornwall tour.

Well deserved car of the month.

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Re: John Pym's G series Interceptor III

Post by Jens »

Spoke to Pymmie in Cornwall about the last two weeks, he had remarkably clean hands on Friday at the bar. 8)

Well done mate, both the car and the weekend.

I am still not sure wether to get these Union Jack cushions for the FF or not ...
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Re: John Pym's G series Interceptor III

Post by Trevithick »

Top effort and a great result, makes my old heap look like......well, an old heap.
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Back soon.
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Re: John Pym's G series Interceptor III

Post by R.D. Sigi Herring »

John ol' chap.
Looking great.
Amazing result, so we'll done.
I'd better get my skates on.
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Re: John Pym's G series Interceptor III

Post by PaulMcElhinney »

Does she know yet Sigi?
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