Interceptor Mk1's little sister

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Interceptor Mk1's little sister

Post by Dion »

1968 Vignale


If the pic does not show, here's the Ebay ad: ... 3f0e751093

Just the (very pretty) front though - pity about overall side shape.
Never saw one before.
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Post by Trevithick »

Blimey you're right :shock:
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Post by Richie »

No doubting the Vignale commonality there! As the Fiat is '68 do we assume that the Interceptor was designed first...?
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Post by VFK44 »

There was a slew of Vignale Fiats at this time - the Eveline looked like the front of an Interceptor and the Samantha looked like the side view, as it had the same doors and handles as an Interceptor. Presumably they had to find some way to use up the old stock of Jensen doors.

I remember a story about a dodgy cigar chomping Casino boss who bought up hundreds of the cars from the factory and tried to sell them in the UK. He went back to his gambling business in Cyprus and was promptly squashed flat by a tank while travelling in a Vignale. A bit like the beginning of the Italian job?

The Samantha is rare and the Eveline incredibly rare in the UK - I've never seen one.
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Post by Julian »

Yes they certainly didn't try too hard with the grille design ....
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Post by CV8600hp »

we do have a brandnew grille for one of these cars

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Post by Richie »

though Vignale built the Interceptor, it was of course designed by Touring so did Vignale simply plagarise the design when building / designing other cars?
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Post by Kieron »

I had a Fiat Samantha for some years, it has many parts from the Interceptor,

I think you could count on one hand the amount of Evalines originally shipped in the UK.

Warranty was an issue as although they were FIATS, the UK FIAT dealer network had issues getting paid out on warranty claims, of which there were many, so were not keen to work on them, even new.

The Gamine ( noddy car ) was the biggest seller, followed by the 27 Samanthas.

He was killed in a Samantha ... ou&f=false
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