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by Dion Jensen » Tue May 09, 2006 11:44 pm

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Dion Jensen and i live in copenhagen.

My Jensen adventure started in 1999 as my father purchased
a Inceptor S4 from 92?. It's a beautiful car and my interest of Jensen Cars became slowly turned on.


A year later my father came in contact with John Cohen which had 5 Jensen 541 S (2 with manual and 3 with automatic gearbox)
as he was willing to sell.
He was talking it through with the members in the danish Jensen club and there was several there expressed wishes to buying one of these cars
if my father got them home to Denmark.
So he purchased them all 5 for thereafter to sell them forward to the members ( without have to profit by them)

We got the cars home but interest from the members suddenly disappeared and he now stood with 5 Jensen 541, whereof only
one could drive. Later we gave one of the cars away to the ,of that time foreman of the danish Jensen club, to thank him that he
had distributed the contact to John Cohen.
I would like to inform these car numbers for further recording
if some should have interest.

Following we have extended our Jensen collection
with another Jensen car, a Interceptor convertible.
So altogether
we have now a Interceptor S4, a Interceptor convertible and four 541 S.
One can probably say that we has been seriously tainted with the Jensen virus. :)

But the real adventure started for me when i decided to restore one of the old 541 (100/1055) reg number 838 EEA in 2001.
The first thing i Concentrate me about was the engine.
It hadn't driven in 8-10 years. i started to pour WD40 down in the cylinders.
Afterwards i set a new battery on, and could thereby turn the engine. It turned without problems to my big relief.

Now it was the missing spark i should have in position, after a little adjustment i got a nice strong spark.

Then the fuel had my attention, there came not a drop out to the carburettors. I demount the fuel pump, cleanses it and got it to operate.

After that i puts the spark plug back in and i was ready for the first start attempt.
Rather sceptical i sad down behind the wheel, choker on, ignition on and then the last turn,
The engine were turning a few times around and then the old moll bellowed to live in a thick black puff.

After a high idel for some minutes i could take the choker off and the engine were driving thereafter on a soft 500 rpm.

It was completely amazingly, after 10 years off standstill. It would always be one of my best experience in this project.

Thereafter started the more serious part of the feast, the actual work on the chassie. After countless unwilling screws, the body could be removed.
What i saw looked like a sunken u boat, i have never seen that much rust before. It was conspicuously that only old habit kept the car together.
A ship container became the car's home for the next many months.
After i demounted the engine, gearbox and rear axle assembly the car became so light that i could hoist the backend
up under the ceillings in the container.
Primitive lift but it worked fine.
I have since used many cold nights in a deep-frozen container, but always with smile on the lips,
After all it's hobby!! :lol:

It's a lot of hard work and it costs many hours,
but that is all worth it the day your ready to assemble the rear axle assembly and spring on a completely
new chassie in completely new mounting points.

The situation is now that the chassise is about to be finished.
The body is free of the old paint and ready for new paint.
The engine shall have a new ignition system and a cosmetic overhaul. The Kabinen has to be renewed. And then the whole thing (just)
have to be assembled.

The minute i am finished i would like to seek admission in your lovely club, as i ,among other things, need a fin key ring.. No it's just a little talkee talkee!!! :wink:

I really ejoyed meeting with others Jensen owners from europa at the international Jensen weekend in 2001 in Denmark, Peter Wallis among others.

Well time flies and i have to finish, thank you very much for your time

Kind regards
Dion Jensen

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Dion Jensen
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by RoverP6B » Wed May 10, 2006 12:27 am

Welcome Dion. What an adventure you have had! Beautiful vehicles!
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by » Wed May 10, 2006 11:49 am

Hello Dion.What a fantastic bunch of cars.The Interceptor looks brilliant!Happy driving and keep us posted on your progress with the restoration.Lloyd
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by Patric » Wed May 10, 2006 5:32 pm

Welcome aboard Dion - some fab looking cars you've got/had there! Could we pleeease have some more shots of that mighty S4? Wheels, steering (!), interior and under-bonnet shots, the full monty! :shock:
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by Paul C » Wed May 10, 2006 9:05 pm


What a refreshing story and slide show, during a lull in the general discussion forum postings. Welcome to a great club.
Paul C
Paul C
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by Han Kamp » Wed May 10, 2006 9:51 pm

Hello Dion ! There is no need to apologise for any mistakes in English, I make them too! :roll:
I'd say we foreigners speak better English than the Brits do Danish or Dutch, right? :wink:
I love your story and the pictures. Reminds me of my own 541 restoration. It's a hell of a job, but like you say it's worth it.
Now, for something completely different: how about taking one of your Jensens to our 25th Anniversary meeting in Holland in September? This is not too far from Denmark, and already two entries from Denmark are booked. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to meet other Jensen owners and to see their cars. Best of luck with your project.
Han Kamp
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Han Kamp
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by Ole H Sanne » Fri May 12, 2006 6:16 pm

Amazing story!

How come no one spotted this museum of Jensen before, unbelivable!
Imagine 5 541 switching hands, one S4 and a convertible in hand and he comes as a surprise. Well done to stai incognito.

Anyway congrats on a wonderulf collection, wish i was you(but not u having my valet) hahaha
Ole H Sanne
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by jncohen » Mon Nov 13, 2006 3:20 pm

Dear Dion

I have only just seen your photos and I am delighted that you are doing such a good job! I often wondered what happened to all those cars and I am sorry to learn that your father was so badly let down!

Wishing you lots of success as they are still cars that I am rather fond of as you will see if you have a look at my webpages.

With all my very best wishes as an old enthusiast!


John N Cohen
past Jensen enthusiast! Lots of info on 541S at
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by ajm541s » Mon Nov 13, 2006 7:44 pm

Hello Dion,

I already have you on my records as the owner of 838 EEA, but I would very much appreciate confirmation of the other cars you still have. Also, If you are looking to sell any, please let me know as I have one or two people looking to buy.

Congratulations on the restoration job!

May I also say a big welcome to John Cohen to the Forum. My arrival on the JOC scene was too late to meet you, but I did meet your son a few years ago and enjoyed through him your enthusiasm for 541S cars and also the CV8. As I have a son living in Switzerland we visit every year and it would be good to meet up with you sometime.


Tony Marshall
JML 1967-74
Ex owner Jensen-Healey HEA 4K
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