Hampton Court Concours 4-6 Sept (Photos / Video)

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Re: Hampton Court Concours 4-6 Sept (Photos / Video)

Post by KaranMK2 »

Hampton Court is a gem!!
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Re: Hampton Court Concours 4-6 Sept (Photos / Video)

Post by VFK44 »

KaranMK2 wrote: you did an excellent job of polishing your car too.Karan
You're looking pretty stylish in the reflection, Karan. You have dressed (relatively) quietly, but like any true English gentleman, you know you can be flamboyant in only two places - your socks or your jacket lining. :lol:
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Re: Hampton Court Concours 4-6 Sept (Photos / Video)

Post by david wright »

Thanks for all the kind words folks, and Chris and I really enjoyed the day too.
The herd of deer was a wonderful display as well - amazing that they were so attracted to our Jensens that they ran past once then turned and ran past again!

Thanks to all of your who attended, whether with your cars, some of whom travelled a great distance, or just came to support us on the day, it was a very sociable and rewarding time.
Most important of all, we had loads of visitors asking many questions about our cars, and I had one who knew senior members of the Jensen Board from years ago and was very well informed about the cars

Thanks to all

David and Chris
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Re: Hampton Court Concours 4-6 Sept (Photos / Video)

Post by Julian »

Got to say you English do these things well.
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Re: Hampton Court Concours 4-6 Sept (Photos / Video)

Post by Richie »

Great stuff all round.
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Re: Hampton Court Concours 4-6 Sept (Photos / Video)

Post by Kevin Birch »

Looks a fantastic day, that aero car is brilliant, I want one. Nice to see all in correct attire, with Karan taking the award for the best socks :D
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