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Heat Resistant Primer

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by johnw » Mon May 13, 2019 6:13 pm

John Staddon wrote:Yes, this is for the early Interceptor engine which was painted Austin-Healey metallic silver green. AH Spares sell the paint in a tin, Anglo Car Parts sell the same paint in an aerosol, it's cheaper to buy a tin, and I have, as the aerosol provides much less paint for a similar price to a tin. But having experimented with primer and paint on some small engine parts I find that whilst the primer, from an aerosol, goes on nicely the paint really needs to be sprayed to get the mother of pearl effect I would like, it will brush on but as you might expect brushing spreads the pigment out in the direction of the brush strokes. I think the answer is going to be a coat, or two, of brushed on paint finished off with a light coat of aerosol applied paint to give the final finish. But that's some way off as the engine needs rebuilding first. I don't need to worry about curing the paint with heat, that will happen the first time the engine runs (and it's only the primer that needs heat to finally cure, though I have to say it sets like a rock in a couple of hours, sufficient to sand down with no problems).


I have tried Aerosol over brush painting and it has never worked out. What has worked is cheaper spray first, wet dry, wait a week or more, change of brand top coat. So maybe silver VHT, get it perfect, then 2 light coats of top, day in between, then one final thick coat.

A thick coat is needed to get the pearl effect. The thin coats and waiting a day to week are to allow earlier coats to shrink back and to minimise reaction. This might only need a couple of tins to do an entire engine. Do the hard work with the silver.
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by clivey » Tue May 14, 2019 9:56 am

Hi, I've not used this but here's a brush on temp resistant self etch primer: ... SwKcRbzuIv

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