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by StevenLA » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:06 am

Dear Members,

Good evening from rainy cold Los Angeles, it looks more like Manchester than LA !

In 1987 I finally found a Jensen interceptor here in LA. The story goes that I left a note on this car back in 1981 while living in San Francisco.
The owner sadly passed away and the son found my business card in the glove box. I bought the car from the son who lived in one of the most dangerous parts of the city of LA , but that is another interesting story for another day !

My friend Tim came with me to pick it up the car and drive it home. The car was chocolate brown with a tan vinyl roof and a tan interior, not the most attractive color combination.

Like Henry Ford before me, I like any color car as long as it is black, so I decided to remove the vinyl roof and paint it black. The interior was badly damaged and so I bought the black interior from another interceptor that was badly damaged in an accident. So the car was now black on black. Of course over heating was always a problem in Southern California and of course the air conditioning never rely worked and the widows worked when they felt like it. But I owned an INTERCEPTOR ! In 1994 I moved away and sold the car to my friend Tim to keep it, as we say in the family.
Tim spent over $10,000 dollars trying to keep the car running and also painted the car dark blue, in 2008 Tim gave up and parked it in the garage. After 10 years of continuous harassing Tim, he finally gave in and sold it back to me in January. Tomorrow my mate Dean begins work on the car, removing the gas tank, radiator, carburetor, bumpers to start with. I am looking forward to bringing the car back to life. I will keep everyone informed of the outcome. Have a great and hopefully dry week without rain in the UK. Regards Cheers Steven.
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by ajc9415 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:41 pm

Great story. Good luck with the restoration and hope you enjoy it when complete :D
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by Tim SP » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:21 am

Steven- great stuff & warm welcome!

May I direct you to my dear friend (brother) Aubrey, he is a serious car guy & serial Jensen nut- family had J-H from brand new, he runs a utterly breathtaking original Mk11 Interceptor- likely the best I have ever seen & thats a lot of metal!

He is Orange county area, but organises stuff & as a memeber of club for many many years, can without any doubt be a point of contact for moral support & coffeee at least!

By all means PM me & I will pass on all the relevant info.
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by Martin R » Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:08 am

Great story and I hope this time, it's for keeps!
Photos of the progress please :D
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