Tim Clark's 1989 Interceptor S4

The Interceptor S4
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Tim Clark's 1989 Interceptor S4

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Yes, the date above is correct :-)

This is the re-launched Interceptor S4, not to be confused with the Interceptor III with the s4 engine (i.e. Chrysler 4 series engine following the G, H and J series engines)


Jensen went into receivership in 1975, although they managed to trade until May 1976 at which point two new companies set up by Jensen owner Kjell Qvale took over, Jensen Special Products (which was basically Jensen’s engineering department) and Jensen Parts and Service (as the name suggests to continue to supply parts and service the cars).

Jensen Parts and Service was run by Ian Orford, who then bought the company in 1982. JP&S worked out of the old service department buildings and had carried out several full restorations and displayed a fully rebuilt Interceptor III at the 1983 Motor Show. This car was then rebuilt with the latest Chrysler 360 cubic inch (5.9 litre) engine and numerous other changes to become the first Interceptor S4. The company name was also changed to Jensen Cars Limited. These changes included new door handles to meet the latest safety standards, the wood dash from the last of the Interceptors carried over although this being the 80s a digital clock was fitted. The seats were electrically adjustable Recaros re-trimmed by Jensen. A redesigned lower valence was fitted including a discrete spoiler which was actually welded and leaded into the valence rather than some naff fibreglass extension. The headlamp surrounds were now of a flush fitting more modern design.

Note the Jensen trimmed electric Recaro seats


Above photos taken by Tim when the car was on the club stand at the London Classic Car Show

This is the only right hand drive S4 saloon produced.

It was originally ordered as a convertible, this order was cancelled so the unfinished bare chassis remained untouched untill the order came in 1989 for a RHD Saloon- The only 160 chassis JM ltd made.
When new it was displayed at the Geneva motor show along with the 1 off coupe (now with the studio 434 collection) & convertible.
It formed part of a Swiss-American gentleman's collection and made regular trips to his Swiss residence from the UK.
List price when new was £106,000

This may have been the only new RHD saloon produced but Jensen did convert a number of customer's Interceptor IIIs to S4 spec, which was substantially cheaper than a new car.

For the original brochures and fac-pac etc see Tony Bailey's pages here:
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Re: Tim Clark's 1989 Interceptor S4

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Ah thats a nice surprise old mate!
yes the 'unicorn jensen'! The S4's were said to have 500 deatil changes, the suspension was uprated, which does make a huge difference- not thr tree stump pulling torque of the old big-block, but trundles along rather well & without any fuss- genuinely could commute to London in it- electric heated seat etc, very of the then times, ahead infact, Jaguar & Aston martine wernt thus equipped then.
Then there is the rarity, just a shame JCC ltd couldn't continue.
The fit & finish is possibly finer than of old- should have been at the cost!
Very possibly the finest Jensen I've ever driven, not to take away from the SP (which is eye wateringly awesome!) but as a car to use.

Steve Johnson summed it up, drives like a new modern car.

The last proper factory Jensen's.- sad, esp as so good.
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Re: Tim Clark's 1989 Interceptor S4

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Its a lovely car, I love it! :lol:
What was different with the suuspension then Tim, what did they do different? :shock:
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