South Glos Show - North West Bristol.

see inside for newsletters, contacts and planned events etc
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South Glos Show - North West Bristol.

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Not sure if the Midlands region would be interested in popping down the M5, but I made contact with the organisers of the show and can confirm that JOC can have space at this show the first weekend of August.

They have a number of car clubs, with the two biggest probably going to be Jaguar and BMW with Mercedes closely following.

Zac and I have said we would support this and take our cars for the two days at £5.00 per car per day and so we have a Interceptor, a CV8 but can have space for up to another four cars without a problem, but entries will close in a few weeks.

If you could let me know and then arrangements can be made and "Car Club" applications can be then processed.

If you know of any other new members then please pass this on as this list seems to have some old addresses.

I have attached the link to the show. Once we can gauge interest / commitment, then Zac or I can then organise this with the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club as they coordinate the event." onclick=";return false;

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Interceptor SIII


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