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Local Events for 2009

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:09 am
by david wright
It's Spring again! Time to dust off the Jensen and the calendar and work out where they coincide!
I've listed below a few reasonably local events, some of which I'll be going to and I'm ever hopeful that some of you will join me!!

17th May - Pashley Manor - South Downs Area members will have had Hugh's letter, and I'm going, anyone else? (Hugh Allen - Mob. 07831 351461)
19th/20th June - JOC International - anyone going? Chris and I will be, and would be delighted if anyone from South Downs will be joining us?
24th/25th/26th July - Suffolk Safari - ditto - how about a convoy through the Dartford Tunnel!
26th July - Amberley Museum classic Summer Picnic - one of our local events
2nd August - Goodwood Breakfast Club - convertibles day - anyone for a fry-up?
30th August - Goodwood Breakfast Club - thoroughbred sports cars - must be our opportunity - how about a convoy into the circuit and park together?

If anyone else has any other events they know about, then do let me know, and we can add them to the list.
David Wright