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Region Chase Up

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Dear Wessex region,

Just a couple of things that I wanted to chase up as very few have responded recently probably due to holidays or other commitments.

06th October – Historic Race Day – Castle Coombe

I still have a few places left for this race day which is being attended by some members of the region as well as two from the Southern Region…..deadline for getting the booking form back to me is Friday 21st and to aid the process you can also email me the form and pay by bank transfer if you wish.

It would be good to fill the 10 places we have with currently 5/6 places booked and so to fill up the numbers would be good.

Sunday 16th September

There is a car show at Old Down Estate near Almondsbury ... -festival/" onclick=";return false; this Sunday with registration still open at the time of writing. This is fairly close to all of us and so should be easy for those that fancy a day out.

The Big Welsh Car Show which is at Chepstow Racecourse has closed it registration" onclick=";return false;, but if anyone would like to go then I will ask Ritchie the South Wales rep if he is going and if he can still get tickets? Please let me know if you would definitely like to go.


Following on from my last email last month, as yet no one has come back to either Lindsey or I as to if they would like to attend a Christmas meal and if so whether that is in December or January? Before we go to work on venue etc., it would be good to know how many would be interested, price bracket and when…..if there is no feedback then we can leave that and not do it this year?

And Finally – well until the next thing I remembered.

Many people have expressed the desire to do more driving or attending events that have a degree of action going on and not so many static car shows. Well we are looking at doing a few things next year and sacrificing some of the static shows and including things like hill climbs plus other things that you the members would like to do!

In the same vein, I have organised a weekend tour based out of Llandridod Wells that will include the Snowdonia National Park and Port Meirion plus the West wales coastline…please see the club forum page for more details:" onclick=";return false;

This will give you some spectacular driving routes to enjoy the scenery and your cars……..I hope that the Wessex region will support this weekend…..

As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Lindsey or I.
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