Save The Date!! - New Year Meal!

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Save The Date!! - New Year Meal!

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Hi all,

I am just in the process of finalising a New Year get together on the 07th January 2017.

I am arranging a three course meal (with choices of course) at a very nice location North West side of Bristol.

There is also accommodation on site and so once I have finalised the details, I will send it out to you all and look forward to seeing you there.

Price is likely to be £25.00 per person for the meal with drinks extra, this will be done via booking form and pre-payment to us.

The accommodation will be able to be booked directly with the Lodge and payment direct.

Have tried lots of places that the JOC have or have not used before and the place I aiming for now will certainly have a different feel to it.

If you are very eager just drop a note below to say if you intend on coming :D

MOre to follow but save the date!!!
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