Glemham 2020

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Glemham 2020

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I just thought I would upload a few pictures. We have not attended this event before, as it normally clashes with Cars by the Lake. It started badly with delays on the roads and then delays at the entrance, culminating in the stewards not having a clue as to where anyone should be. "Never have so many shoulders been shrugged". Dave Ns motto of: it is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission, secured us a nice spot. It eventually turned out to be not so bad, with some nice cars to peruse.
P1040175.JPG (183.7 KiB) Viewed 1570 times
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Re: Glemham 2020

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Looks like a neat little event. Nice cars.
Just good to get out and about again though isn't it.
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Re: Glemham 2020

Post by Dean »

Interesting to see a convertible wearing the reg DBY 848M. I have a photo of 2240/9593 a Burgundy (originally Tangerine) hard top Interceptor with that reg no. I wonder where it is now.
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Re: Glemham 2020

Post by Series3Jensen »

Peter Heywood

Thank you for posting the photos

I note two Interceptors - a Coupe and a Convertible

I have DBY 838 M as Chassis No 2340/9503 and sold at Historics Auction in 11.2019 for £62,720
Original Registration No was WPA 5 M

I also note Coupe Registration NO PMX 220 K - do you know the Chassis No and JOC Member owner of this car?


Interesting to note that Registration No DBY 838 M was originally on a Coupe 2340/9593
This car was originally Met Tangerine with a Black Vinyl Roof but was not allocated a Registration Number in the Richard Calver book
Do you have any other information, dates etc on this car?
I am wondering if an owner of the Coupe upgraded to a Convertible and transferred the number then?

KInd regards

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Re: Glemham 2020

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Some seriously rare cars there. In the last picture, behind the Mazda Autozam is a Sunbeam Venezia. Makes a Jensen look commonplace.
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