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Jensens on the move

Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 12:43 pm
by RichardGibson
Hi All
A couple of weeks ago I took my interceptor to the Inverness BID classic car rally.
This event takes place at various locations in Inverness city. It is a "park up" event, allowing the Saturday shopping public to see the cars at close quarters, culminating in a parade through the city centre (normally a pedestrian precinct) led by a pipe band.
This years event experienced good weather until the line up for the parade when we had a 5 minute hail storm along with the sun shine, not too bad for the Jensen but a bit of an issue for the Westfield behind me.
However, the point of this post was that, I was approached by a chap called Steve who runs "Savages" as part of a company called "Some Where Sky"" who make videos of interesting cars. He was interested in making a video of the Interceptor running along Highland roads around Inverness, possibly for free.
It therefore occurred to me that it would be an idea to have 4 or 5 Jensens of varying ilk.
So is anyone interested in being an automotive film star??
If so call or e-mail me:
Richard Gibson JOC Scotland representative 01463 794402 or JOC Scottish e-mail address.