Kermit's Interceptor mark 1

The late John Edwin's multi award winning Interceptor
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Kermit's Interceptor mark 1

Post by zacmarshall »

John Edwins, known to many Jensen owners and enthusiasts as Kermit passed away today.

Kermit first joined the club in the late 80s and owned what is one of the best known and finest Interceptors in the world.
John was a regular in the club's concours competitions and also won many awards outside the club.
When John bought his mark 1 they were much less desirable than the later cars, I think the resurgence of the mark 1 is due in a large part to Kermit and his car.

Kermit showing some admirers what an engine bay can look like

In Windsor Great Park

Leading the way

John with another concours stalwart sadly no longer with us. Dick Thomas on the left, John on the right.

John being presented with the members' choice award at the Interceptor and FF anniversary at Gaydon earlier this year.

All photos apart from Gaydon by Nic Cooper.
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Re: Kermit's Interceptor mark 1

Post by Blast »

I have never wanted an Interceptor, but if I did it would be his one. By miles. Very sorry to hear this news.
Chris Stearn.
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Re: Kermit's Interceptor mark 1

Post by Martin R »

A very fine and worthy car. RIP John.
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Re: Kermit's Interceptor mark 1

Post by CJ »

Sad news, stunning car. Pictures don't do it justice.


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Re: Kermit's Interceptor mark 1

Post by colin7673 »

Great photos and a great loss, the likes of these people only come around once, lets hope we can all match Kermit's standard with our own cars.
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Re: Kermit's Interceptor mark 1

Post by Mark1Stu »

A car I always stopped and marvelled at.....for the best part of 20 years.

RIP John. You deserve it.
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Re: Kermit's Interceptor mark 1

Post by Grant »

I had seen John in the past but never got to really talk to him, but at Gaydon I stopped and talked to him with GaryC, we had much fun and banter with John, he really took the banter well and gave it back too ... His car was stunning, ... what a Huge great loss .... A real ole Gent ... "Proper Chap" With a Proper "Chaps Car" ... Rest In Peace John and maybe we'll meet again somewhere one day :?
Grant. :|
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