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November 2016

Alan and Chris Jones' FF - on the NEC stand this weekend

Alan and Chris Jones' FF

by zacmarshall » Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:23 am

Jensen FF II CDS 197H
Chassis number 127/241
First registered in Peebles, Scotland in May 1970

Alan about to run up the hill on the run out as part of the FF and Interceptor Anniversary Weekend

This is what Alan had to say about the car:

The car was bought by a gentleman in Peebles, Scotland. He owned a timber yard and gave the car the registration G75 (a private plate).
Joseph (Jos) Carver bought the car in 1983 with a tax rebate!

He did 9,000 miles in the first year. It then went for it’s first M.O.T. A big sharp intake of breath was taken when he found the nearside chassis tube had been fibre glassed!

All fixed it went on trips to Ireland, Gleneagles and Amsterdam.

After Jos died in 1990, Nancy, his wife, kept it in the garage using it on special occasions. One of these was her son Tim’s wedding in 1995. Unfortunately it caught fire! No one was injured and the car survived.
During this restoration the engine was rebuilt along with the gear box. When the tarpaulin was removed and the paint inspected, oh dear, a repaint job needed.

Then there was another sharp intake of breath, and you’ve guessed it, the off side chassis tube was replaced. A very big job which can go very wrong if they don’t do it properly!

I bought it off Nancy in 2004. From then we have done about 3000 miles a year going to events around the U.K.
I have had to have the gearbox rebuilt as the incorrect oil pipes had been fitted the previous time and starved it of cooled oil. So it now has a new gearbox again and the correct pipes.

In 2013 I had the car tidied up and a repaint. Chris and I have been on holiday many times in it camping at Santa Pod for the Drag racing, visiting a lawn mower museum in Southport, well worth a visit, trips to the Ace Café in London, several railways and Brooklands.

In the winter of 2015 we unfortunately had a fire in the garage at home where the car is stored. Smoke and heat damage affected the bright work but as you can see it is back to it’s former glory.
It has a 383 cubic ins. Chrysler engine.
Is four wheel drive (FF= Ferguson formula), goes round corners well.
Anti- lock brakes.
Electric windows.
Air conditioning.
Original factory colour Metallic Quartz
Present colour Master Chroma Effect (Mercedes benz colour)
Not bad for a 46 year old car

Generally gives 17 miles per Gallon, but Jos said if you tried really hard you could get as little as 7 M.P.G. (there were no speed cameras then!)

According to the speedo it does 145 miles an hour, on a race track and probably gives you 7m.p.g. or less.

It is a modern fun car with most of the equipment. It always makes me smile from ear to ear when driving it.

We are the fourth owners of this car, three of which have been in the same family since 1983, Jos, Nancy, Al and Chris

At the Beeches Garden Railway on the Anniversary Weekend

On the combined JOC / AMOC stand at the Manchester Show last year

On the Spring Weekend earlier this year, next to 275.

At the FF & Interceptor Anniversary at Gaydon.
Cropped from Martin Richie's photo

Caption competition - This is Alan on the way out of the Ludlow show. What is Tim Clark (in shorts) saying to Alan?
Prize is a £10 Regalia voucher.

For anyone wanting to know more about the car then please come and see the car and owner on the JOC stand at the Classic Car Show, NEC this weekend (Friday 11th to Sunday 13th). The stand is number 510 in Hall 1, next to door 1.4.
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by VFK44 » Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:05 pm

What is Tim Clark (in shorts) saying to Alan?

We can hear words, "Uber Geek, Guvnor, pukka" - but nobody knows!

(No offence intended Tim).
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by Martin R » Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:54 am

"Hey me old matey, unless you want to cause a pen 'n' ink, that no entry sign means no wrong way malarkey "
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by Kevin Birch » Sat Nov 12, 2016 10:08 pm

VFK44 wrote:
What is Tim Clark (in shorts) saying to Alan?

Don't forget D is for forwards, and R is for backwards, those Brummies can't spell.
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by PaulMcElhinney » Sat Nov 12, 2016 11:00 pm

"You couldn't get in the f*kkin' Paras with hair like that mate."
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