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Chuck's Interceptor

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:05 pm
by zacmarshall
This is Chuck's Interceptor III. Chuck is on the forum as RockyUSA.






This is what Chuck had to say about the car:

History of Jensen Interceptor, Mark III (VIN 133-5597)
Compiled in collaboration with two previous owners
August, 2016

I have a copy of the original window sticker, hand dated 03-10-1972. The Purchase documentation indicates the vehicle (133-5597, Engine Number 10035) was transported by truck to Johnny Bolton Ford, in Maitland, Florida. The car was originally Tangerine, with a black interior, and a black roof. Suggested Retail Price was $13,970, but there were “Dealer Pre-Delivery” fees of $250.00, “Inland Freight” fee of $45.00 and “Dockage Fee” of $40.00. The car was sold to a Dr. Cooper.

The N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guide indicates that the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for a new 1972 Interceptor III 2 Door Saloon was $13,500.00.

Based on discussions with the second owner (referred to only as “RPG”):

RPG acquired the car in 1984 in Texas, but never got to the restoration over the years.

For now, a brief history (from RPG)…. RPG bought the car from a fellow flight student (in the Navy), one John Cooper in Corpus Christi TX. RPG drove it up to Dallas from there in late 1983 - I believe. RPG’s friend’s father (Dr. Cooper) had bought it new in Boca Raton FL, and let his son have it at some point.

After RPG bought it, it was driven up to Dallas TX from Corpus Christi, TX and then towed it behind a U-Haul out to San Diego CA to the next duty station. After ~9 months RPG had a squadron mate drive it back to Gainesville TX (north of Dallas) where it was stored for a few years at a buddy’s house while on sea duty (RPG was stationed in the Philippines 3 yrs.).

When RPG returned back to the states in 1987, the car then moved to Pensacola FL for a couple years, and then up to Charlotte NC in 1991 (the car was titled 11/25/91 in North Carolina). According to RPG, the car was always in the garage, except for his Philippines tour. Even while it was in TX it was stored covered under tarp.

RPG tinkered with it over the years, and commented it was always a strong runner, but he never got to do the proper restoration.

Eventually, RPG sold the car to the third owner (only referred to as “PJ”) in Charlotte, NC. There is a notarized Title indicating the car was sold to PJ on 25 Sept, 2000, for $5250. In addition, Rocky has a set of hand scribed, abbreviated directions written by PJ to RPG’s house – conceivably to go look at the car. At the time of the sale, in 2000, the car had 53,033 miles on the odometer.

RPG did visit the third owner after the sale, and see the car in North Carolina after the restoration was completed, and before PJ put it up for sale to me (Rocky).

Based on discussions with the Third Owner (PJ):
(Note – I left PJ’s text verbatim, as it was interesting to hear the minor differences in the history of the car).

I purchased the Jensen Interceptor here in North Carolina from a guy who had owned it for 16 years.

The first couple of years he (RPG) drove it, however he was then transferred with the Navy to the Philippines, so the car was stored in Texas, where it suffered the Texas sun for the next 6 or so years. When he (RPG) left the Navy, he had the car moved to North Carolina, where he disassembled various parts of it and stored it in his garage for about 9 years, eventually selling it to me (PJ).

The car ran, but the transmission had to be manually put in gear to get it onto a trailer. On arrival at my home, I (PJ) proceeded to slowly bring it back to the condition that it is now. This included (not necessarily in order):

• Replacing all bushings in the front and rear suspension with upgraded phenolic parts from the UK
• Shocks were replaced all around with KYB units
• Brake Booster was rebuilt in California and brake master cylinder was upgraded
• All brakes were replaced including the rear rotors.
• The radiator was recored, and the electric cooling fans were replaced along with the AC cooling fan with upgraded units
• The carpets were replaced with pre-cut and edged OE replacements form the UK
• The car was stripped down to bare metal by myself (PJ) and sent to a high-end local body shop, who repaired some rust behind the rear wheels with stitch panels which were welded and ground to replace the missing metal, then the car was primed and painted in Lexus 5718 Silver with clear coat
• The vinyl roof as per original was purchased and installed by a local upholsterer
• The Same upholsterer rebuilt the front and rear seats and the center and rear console in high grade leather on all surfaces.
• The original GKN wheels were refurbished.

Roughly at this point the car was presentable and drivable. To make the car reliable and perform better, PJ performed the following modifications.

• The carb was replaced twice, eventually determining that the Demon was the best unit
• The cam was replaced by the recommended Mopar upgrade along with the intake manifold (Weiand)
• The heads were shaved to the maximum (.030) to increase the compression ratio from 8.5 to 9.2:1
• A Mopar electronic distributor was installed, along with the appropriate controller
• The timing chain set was replaced
• A Mopar high-output oil pump was installed
• In 2012, the engine was removed and internal inspected, and all seals and gaskets were replaced. A new oil pan was fitted
• A new high-capacity transmission pan was fitted.

Rocky USA’s Reconstructed Timeline of S/N 133-5579:

Aug 2016 – Present Now owned by Rocky USA (Tucson, AZ, USA)
Sept 2000 – Aug 2016 Owned & Restored by PJ (Charlotte, NC, USA)
1991 – Sept 2000 RPG – Disassembled in North Carolina
1984 – 1991 RPG – Stored in TX
1980 – 1984 RPG – Driven in CA
1972 – 1980 Cooper Family – Florida and Texas

The original window sticker

Some photos from the car’s primary resto in Charleston, between 2000 and 2002:
P.J and his Dad stripping the paint






The finished article

For more information see Chuck's posts under Members' Cars

Re: Chuck's Interceptor

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 2:03 pm
by RockyUSA
The owner, yours truly...
November 3,2018
November 3,2018
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Re: Chuck's Interceptor

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 4:48 am
by Martin R
Nice one - but aren't you a little young to be driving? :lol:

Re: Chuck's Interceptor

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 1:28 pm
by RockyUSA
And gender-confused!

No - I just sit on a pile o phone books!


Re: Chuck's Interceptor

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:53 pm
by garyc
Well done on your resto
Great looking car
That silver colour suits it
Jealous of your garage as well
Well done