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Water pump

Mopar Big Block Talk

by johnw » Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:06 pm

Michelin wrote:Hi,
Do you know where we can find such a water pump ?

Another pump exactly like that one is unlikely to perform any better. That is an interesting one from a historical point.

It is not that difficult to rebuild pumps yourself, and can be cost effective. I would not bother looking for another like that if the car overheats. My Vignale FF had a straight bladed Chrysler pump, something like Chris describes, which I still have somewhere. I swapped it when it started leaking, for one from Cropredy back in 1995, with a different number of vanes on. The number of vanes didn't make a noticeable difference. Never really had overheating problems while running. It would sometimes boil a bit after switching off when parked.
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