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Low temp. showing from radiator....panic

Mopar Big Block Talk

by kenny38 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:53 pm

My SP always goes no further than exactly halfway on the temp gauge in all kinds of heat or indeed cold.
Recently I happened to glance at the gauge after travelling at 110 speed and to my shock and dismay saw that gauge showed only a quarter. Called into a garage but mechanic had no time to investigate but warned that i shouldn't drive because it seemed water wasn't getting around block due to thermostat failure. I disregarded advice and took to my little mate who knows and is known to every cop in town and beyond. He found after literally 5 mins that somehow the hazard switch wasn't working properly and was stuffed causing the rad gauge to send false reading. All he did was remove the switch and everything worked again. He was totally perplexed and scratched his arse more than usual while lighting his third Malborough. This diagnoses was very lucky as no fuses needed replacement. He did,though scold me a little saying ifin fact little or no water was getting around block driving her could have had a bad ending. Should have been towed. New switch ordered. They are not cheap!Kenny38 :roll:
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