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valve spring retainer warped

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by thomaslk » Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:23 pm

Hi all,
i am just in the process to replace my 40+ yrs old valve stem seals. Now i have an idea how "petrified rubber" could look like. Genrally the job went smootly but during final inspection - when measuring the installed spring height- i noticed that one inlet valve retainer was about 1.5mm lower. I demounted the retainer again and - surprise surprise - it was distorted and had severe markings on the side facing the valve guide :shock: . I never saw something like this and i have no idea how this could happen. Engine appears totally stock regarding the valve train and ran without any issues (beside oil consumption). The stock valve stem seal was still intact (but brittle) and showed no signs of contact.
Any explanation for the finding ? Maybe it was even scrap in the original production process but passed final inspection?
It needs really brutal force to create that kind of deformation and the fragile pushrod was still straight - so i am nearly sure it could not have happened during service.
I am really surprised - luckily i had a usable spare part on the shelf.

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