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Highly Recommended Mechanic

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I purchased my first Interceptor MK3 at auction from Brightwell’s in May following some great advice and direction from members of JOC in particular Stu (Mark1Stu). It was in great condition but had spent many years being polished and used very infrequently covering less than a few hundred miles in twenty years. Therefore, without being technically minded I felt it needed a mechanical overview for my piece of mind. I had identified a few issues; rough idling, stodgy acceleration at times, irritating vibration noise near the front passenger wheel and the drivers side sat marginally lower than the passenger side.
One of the hardest things (for me and I am guessing for many of you) is who to entrust with your pride and joy when some mechanical work is needed.

Finding somebody who has the experience, knowledge, skills and expertise in the marque is really difficult but again I have been very lucky. Stu advised me that Jim Smith at Jim’s Auto’s in Stourport was a well-respected mechanical expert with Jensen’s and in particular the Mopar engines.

I contacted Jim in late August and explained to him my requirements – deal with any immediate mechanical and running issues and identify any other issues that could be dealt with in the medium/ longer term on a future visit. From first contact he was very easy to deal with and obviously had great experience of the marque. I was fortunate to get a week in his schedule in mid-October as he is pretty much fully booked in advance.
The car was transported down to Jim from Harrogate(200 miles away) and in the week Jim had the car he carried out replacement of the engine mounts(both sides), fitted new BCC aluminium front brake callipers, disks, hoses and ancillaries; advised that the reason for one side sitting lower than the other was due to MK3 coil springs having being fitted to a very early Mk3 which had the 6.3L engine and really should have the MK2 springs – these were purchased and replaced. The rough idle and poor running was due to the car running on 7 cylinders – a change of plugs, leads and some expert fettling to the Holley carburettor resolved the engine running issues. He also fitted a new fuel sender and identified that the radiator fans were running all the time as the sensor had failed and the switch had been bypassed – without resolution this could have been a major issue on a long run with burn out risk. For good measure he replaced the indicator relay, replaced the burnt-out headlamp bulbs and made safe wiring hanging down from the front valance at the front of the engine. He also provided thorough feedback on the overall condition of the car from a bodywork and mechanical perspective.
Throughout the week Jim had the car, he called me at the end of each day with an update on works carried out, findings made and sent pictures through of the works he had carried out that day.

The car arrived back late Friday and I was able to take it out for a drive on Saturday morning. I drove over 80 miles through town traffic, on ‘B’ roads and 30 miles down the A1. I have to say that it feels like a totally different car. The engine note and idle is perfect on start up and on the road. The car feels tighter and much more responsive. I have tried out the kick down and the car now pulls like a train, leaving an Audi A6 and VW Golf in its slip stream. The brakes feel great, the irritating vibration noise is gone, and the car now sits beautifully. This is testimony to Jim’s skills and expertise. In fact the first call I had on Saturday was Jim who wanted feedback from me on how the car drove and to ascertain if I was happy with the work carried out.
Yes, I incurred transport costs to get the car to and from Stourport which were not insignificant but was it worth it – without a doubt – these vehicles are precious to us and having somebody work on them with this level of expertise, enthusiasm and attention to detail is a priceless commodity. This particular Interceptor in the future will be getting its services and mechanical works done by Jim whose labour rates are also very competitive.

Thanks Jim, great work and a pleasure to deal with.
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Re: Highly Recommended Mechanic

Post by Eddie »

Echo your comments Barry.
He worked on mine as well.
I also received daily updates.
He fills you with confidence that your pride and joy is in safe hands.

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