Spooky car stories

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Spooky car stories

Post by Torquemada »

Hi all,

just read about Martins 40th Birthday regarding his FF and going back to where an original photo was made, and the photo montage with the new over the old was good and spooky.

Well I have a truly spooky story for you all, and this is no BS.

A few a yyears ago I was doing the ADAC Grand Prix de Maritime on the Baltic coast in Germany.

I was driving on a unbelievably long straight country road (approx 9 klicks long) when my Alfa Spider just stopped in the middle of the road at about km4.

I tried everything to get the car started but it would not do anything, the horn wouldnt work, it wouldnt turn over, no radio, no nothing.

When I stopped the road was absolutely deserted, and from getting out to checking everything took about 1 minute, I looked in both directions to see if nobody was coming, but no, nobody was coming, just as a bent down to get my mobile a voice said can I help (in German of course) and I looked up and nearly weed myself, I swear to you all there was nobody on the road when I bent down but there were two Germans dressed in Jagd Grüne/Hunting Green clothes stood next to me with their Subaru legacy SW parked in front, yep in front of my spider, and they were not there a minute ago.

One of them walked around the car and began stroking it and the other guy said it was a beautiful and he used to have one just like it, any way he asked again what was wrong and I said it just stopped and wont start anymore. While the other bloke was still walking around mycar and stroking it the one who was talking to me put his hand on the bonnet and said dont worry it will start again in 3 minutes, he also said put the hood up because it will rain in 5 minutes, it was about 30 C and pure blue sky, s o I said thanks but I dont think it will rain with weather like this, as I opened my door to get in I turned around to say goodbye, but they were gone, really gone, there was no car on the road in either direction, the car really did start and yes 2 minutes after getting in my car it rained.

It turns out a week before, 2 guys from Celle (a town in north Germany) had been out on a hunting trip in their Subaru Lagacy, and on their was back they were involved in a serious RTA in which both of the guys died.

I took my car to have it checked but there was nothing, nothing wrong with it at all, and it never played up like that again.

so how is that for spooky, and Gents this story is true, I did not make it up
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Post by taximan »

They are in a parallel universe saying a guy appeared in a broken down alfa and then he was gone! etc etc...
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Post by facel »

love it, though can you please post exact details of this road you were on to ensure I never go down it ?

it's tense enough as it is wondering if I am going to get anywhere in a Jensen without ghosts dropping in on a lonely road.

my family have had quite a few spine chilling experiences with ghosts/apparitions so there's got to be some explanation/truth in these stories somewhere.
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Post by Martin R »

the world is indeed a very strange place. Spooky :!:
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Post by Wallace »

A friends Mother can stand next to his car saying goodbye and it will not turn over until she moves away. The TV changes channel when she walks past it and the local shop banned her from going near the Lottery machine as her presence has killed it 3 times allegedly. Shpookie!

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Post by michael125 »

I know a car, that tries to kill his owner, when it´s sold.

years ago a rare Mercedes 280E W114 (looks like slow diesel, but has 185 horsepower) was offered and a friend of mine was interested. We took it for a test drive, with the seller on the back seat. Suddenly my friend said "ok, I will buy it" and immideately changed the direktion... on the wet and slippery road he did a perfekt powerslide as if he had never driven an other car.... but the seller in the back went pale as if his heard stopped working. Ariving at my friends home, his family was not there and we hide the car in a road near by to present it later... when we tried to take it, suddenly it boomed out of a loudspeaker "hands up this is a police control" and we heard weapons clicking... They thougt that we where radio thiefs because we put the modern blaupunkt cassette-player on the back floor of the car and installed a old simple but chrome-shiny becker-radio in the center panel...

Years later my friend sold the car and bought a Fiat 124 spider ... only days later a tyre exploded and the car rolled over several times... fortunately my friend did not fasten the safty belt, because the a-post stuck in the drivers headrest afterwards... severe injured and with no full insurance for the spider he called the buyer of his 280 and bought it back... 2 years later the time for the 280 had gone, it was too rusty for a new TÜV (MOT) and was sold as a restauration orjekt or for parts... as I heard that, I was disappointed, that he didn´t ask me, because I was interested in the perfekt leather trim. So he called the one who bought the mercedes... and no surprise, this poor guy was the the next victim... with his transporter he was involved in a severe crash and spent months in hospital, had enough of cars and did not want to restore the old killer mercedes... So the 280 came to me... but as you will awaite with the next assasination... running phantastic 250km over the country roads, much faster then alowed it arrived at my store, the next day while only parking the connection of the steering broke (the right front wheel was no longer under control)... don´t think about what would have happend on a higer speed... I dismantled the car and cut out some body parts to show the inner construction for those who are interested to buy a Mercedes W114 (example see link below)... but the killer 280 will never be on the road again

http://mercedesclubs.de/wiki/index.php? ... _114_/_115
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Post by sandro botticelli »

easily the best spooky car story is that elsewhere in this virtual organ there's a man named Jensen posting on the Jensen Owners' Club website at 4am if you please about how there's a mystery ailment to his carter carb... :shock:
if only everything in life was as reliable as my remote release fuel filler flap...
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