MK1 115/2924 assembly and paint colours

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MK1 115/2924 assembly and paint colours

Post by lukey »

Hi everyone. So I’ve spent the last few weeks working on my car, while waiting on engine parts to arrive.. the engine is now almost fully rebuilt, unfortunately the rain and wind in wales over the last few weeks has been slowing my progress. I’m having to rebuild the engine outside as there’s not enough room for it in the garage. There hasn’t been a brake in the rain long enough for me to finish it.

I’ve been busy giving the body work a good Sand down with 40 grit to get rid of the surface rust and extremely thick hand painted primer my granddad put on in 1990. The car is now looking a lot lot better, It’s nowhere near it’s final finish, I’m just trying to tidy it up and get rid of the rust before it gets worse. the engine bay has also had a nice fresh coat of high temp gloss black... I’m planning on tackling the suspension next, replacing all the perished rubbers and giving it a nice fresh paint...

I’ve been laying some of the chrome work out on the car to see what I’m missing and what I’ve got. I think I ive got 95% of the chrome.

I’m looking into getting the car painted and my opinions, I’ve got to do all the body work myself as I can’t afford for a body shop to do it.. though I have a dilemma, my grandfather always wanted the car to be painted white. But the original colour is stratosphere blue.

What’s everyone’s opinions on the colour, should I keep it original in stratosphere blue ? If so does anyone have the modern day paint codes. Or should I paint it white for my granddad...I personally prefer the blue..

I’ve seen photos of 115/2944 online and absolutely love the shade of stratosphere blue in this photo below. I’m not sure if it’s original or the photo has been enhanced or what. But I personally think it’s the best looking interceptor I’ve seen.

Would really appreciate everyone’s thoughts on paint.

I’ve also attached photos of my car, one photo taken in 1987 when my granddad bought the car. Another taken last week, and another taken today... I’ve used white primer so my grandfather could see the car in white until I decided what colour it will finally be.
115/2924 23rd August 2020
115/2924 23rd August 2020
4D739A03-6D59-45D0-9A2F-81AAEAD839BE.jpeg (102.55 KiB) Viewed 736 times
115/2924, 16th August 2020
115/2924, 16th August 2020
CE5FD026-D3DA-4AEC-969A-C78BD3166C87.png (928.3 KiB) Viewed 736 times
0EF6EED6-D0EA-4806-9F51-91AD8BC985AF.jpeg (77.86 KiB) Viewed 736 times
115/2924 in 1987
115/2924 in 1987
AF7231BF-42DA-4D3E-B9F9-FC68F585ABE4.png (1.39 MiB) Viewed 736 times
6A21E506-C0C6-4DD2-9910-84D9A93AC230.jpeg (259 KiB) Viewed 736 times
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Re: MK1 115/2924 assembly and paint colours

Post by Pymmie »

Speak to DPP on the Forum.

He runs Oily Rag Classics in Cornwall and is doing a Mk1 FF.

I believe it is also stratosphere blue.

Great Mk1 colour in my opinion

John P
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Re: MK1 115/2924 assembly and paint colours

Post by Martin R »

There's clearly been a lot of work done to your car, I guess both by you and your grandad. Well done!
If your grandad is set on "white", it seems almost disrespectful not to paint it white.
Personally, I really like "Old English White" on an Interceptor, although I don't particularly care for a "brilliant white" car.
If your grandad is happy with the car being returned to Strat' Blue, then I also like the idea of a return to its original colour.
Here's a picture of an Old English White MK1. from
old english white.jpg
old english white.jpg (269.84 KiB) Viewed 650 times
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Re: MK1 115/2924 assembly and paint colours

Post by Wilson Way »

Hi Luke
I think that making an old man happy is a priority (maybe because i feel old) and you can always do the color
change in years to come :-)
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Re: MK1 115/2924 assembly and paint colours

Post by DPP »

You are correct Mr Pym My FF is originally Stratosphere Blue and will be repainted this colour.
When I bought my car it had been epoxy primed so only have a small section in fuel filler to go on.

Here is a well known photo of a Strat Blue car.

D1ACD830-0549-4A71-82B0-7C25F9CA4B2E.png (1.08 MiB) Viewed 598 times
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Re: MK1 115/2924 assembly and paint colours

Post by Richie »

The car is looking good Luke! You've been busy. I'd love to see it again soon. As for colour... its very subjective of course but I'm not a fan of white on a GG car. It always seems to lack any depth. Though there are many blue Interceptors out there, it's easy to see why...
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Re: MK1 115/2924 assembly and paint colours

Post by Kevin Birch »

My MK1 was originally white, and I don't think they look good in this colour, as the panels behind the headlights are body colour, and this appears to shorten the grille, which to me dates the car quite badly. The MK2 & 3 are different as they have black headlight surrounds so you could paint the headlamp panels black to change the look. When I eventually get around to doing the body on mine I would like to go back to original as it is now a very dark blue, but I just don't like white MK1s :( What colour is your interior, as this may make a difference on which one you decide as some colours just don't go together.
Your choice, but I would go back to original blue, your Grandad would probably just be happy to see it back on the road.

Good luck, you've done a good job so far, keep it going.
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Re: MK1 115/2924 assembly and paint colours

Post by lukey »

Thanks for the input guys.. I have to agree that I’m not a fan of white. I personally think it’s a waist of the lovely body lines. I think it looks a bit plain and lacks the depth other colours have. If I was to paint it white for my granddad the car wouldn’t be original so I was wondering if I could add a little pearl or metal flake or something, just something small just to try and get the depth out of a plain white and show off the lines. Maybe there’s a high gloss clear coat or something.

If I was to go back to the original stratosphere blue, how hard is it to get that colour correct? I’ve seen photos of some cars and it looks very dark like a royal blue that I’m personally not a fan of, and then I’ve seen photos of stratosphere blue looking fairly light, with possible a hint of green.. I’ve never seen the original colour In real life so I don’t know what’s correct and what’s not...maybe I like the colour of original paint that’s faded I don’t know.

Also how straight were the cars from the factory? We’re they show quality pin straight or a little wavy? We’re the door gaps perfect all round... there’s been so much metal work done to my car, it will take a hell of a lot to get it dead straight....I’m guessing the cars left the factory with single stage paint due to there age, or did they have a base coat and a clear or something..

I have to do as much as I possibly can To the car myself.. Or if I can’t do it myself I have to get it done cheap.. I’m restoring the car in a very tight time frame with zero funds. Because of COVID I’ve not worked since February, and being self employed my income literally stopped overnight.. I have about £1,800 absolutely maximum left to finish the car.. that’s rebuilding the suspension all round, new beaks all round, Getting the front seats re trimmed.. carpet, and boot carpet . Replacing the missing chrome work.. tyres, bulbs etc...fingers crossed I don’t come across anything else broken or not working from now on.. I hope I’m at a point where It’s a case of assembly or straight swaps for new replacement bits...

So If I can’t find anyone to paint the car cheaply I’m going to have to do it myself. Biggest problem there is I don’t have a clean space Big enough, might have to do it outside in a massive tent.
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Re: MK1 115/2924 assembly and paint colours

Post by kees »

As you will paint the car on a low budget go for white. Although looking a bit bland it also does NOT show imperfections in the paint or body work work as other and especially dark colours do.
Kees Oudesluijs
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