Latest Price Guide - Practical Classics March 2019

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Latest Price Guide - Practical Classics March 2019

Post by Pymmie »

Here’s the latest price guide from Practicsl Classics March 2019.

Although it says updated , only Jensen GT has changed.

John P
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Re: Latest Price Guide - Practical Classics March 2019

Post by cannonball »

No wonder the Jensen market is falling, :roll: :roll: :roll:
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Re: Latest Price Guide - Practical Classics March 2019

Post by Mark1Stu »

Based on auction results by the looks of it. Add circa £15k if they end up with a dealer and haggle if you want to buy it.

While the figures may be based on real auction results, I'd hazard a guess few were truly concours candidates going under the gavel. Probably some over described and wrongly attributed within the table as well.
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Re: Latest Price Guide - Practical Classics March 2019

Post by kenny38 »

I would agree that the figures are not a reasonably accurate estimate of values. I have written recently about tarp dwellers coming out. The figures quoted are for generally poor quality cars
I am sure. Auctions stop them being adequately inspected by knowledgable parties allowing really project or, near, incredible shite boxes to be sold. Ready for another tarp eventually I suppose.These cars are bought generally by "new" enthusiasts unwilling or desperately unable to pay the amounts asked for quality goods. Unfortunately this data gives a poor "opinion" of the marque not founded on actual private or dealer sales. Kenny38 8)
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Re: Latest Price Guide - Practical Classics March 2019

Post by zacmarshall »

I must buy a copy of PC, would be interested to see what has happened to the values of other classics.
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Re: Latest Price Guide - Practical Classics March 2019

Post by Chris_R »

March 2019? It's only the middle of January. The dates on these magazines get more and more ridiculous and out of touch with reality. Hasn't someone told them that there is yet another whole month before March comes along?
Before too long no doubt we'll get the December issue in July!
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Re: Latest Price Guide - Practical Classics March 2019

Post by Fishyboy »

Practical Classics produce 13 magazines a year ( extra Spring issue) and therefore need to squeeze the dates somewhat.
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Re: Latest Price Guide - Practical Classics March 2019

Post by Howie »

Thanks for the post From practical classics, for comparison here are the results for the values of the 1973 interceptor quoted on the Haggerty classic car price list 1973 Jensen Interceptor III
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Values by Condition

Condition 2: Excellent
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