Plasti-Dip Paint

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Re: Plasti-Dip Paint

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Plastidip is good product and I always have a can handy here for varies jobs. I first bought it to repair the rubber tyres on the drive wheels of vintage 45rpm record players and that worked fine, but I found that I had to build up the surface in thin layers until I had the thickness that I wanted, or it would take an age to set.
I would not try a car roof with it though, unless they do an aerosol version, which might be ok.
I thought that there was products on the market that you could use to spray a new top ? In the old days, I knew guys who sprayed the roofs with black underseal !! (probably just to sell the car !!
Is stone-chip paint any good ? Possibly only grey or black. It can be used on sills and you can spray paint over it.
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Re: Plasti-Dip Paint

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Though perhaps useful, this has resurrected a post from 2 years ago.
In my case, the vinyl is gonna have to come off as there are unfortunate signs that there is some corrosion lurking under the vinyl.
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