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Motoring Must do's For 2006

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2006 12:22 pm
by Richie

Start your own small car company using a historic name
Everyone else seems to be doing it. You don't have to make any actual cars, just lots of empty claims.
(Please note that Austin-Healey is taken)

Get Richard Hammond to present something
Looks like he'll do anything these days.

Become as smug as Chris Bangle
Ever since everyone else started putting weird slashes and magnolia on their cars he's been pretty bloody pleased with himself. Can you match that self satisfaction? (Clue: unlikely)

Think of a point to SAAB
Let's face it, you can't do any worse than GM. They've had almost 16 years and they still haven't got a clue.

Buy a new Honda Civic and drive to the middle of Norfolk
They'll think you're from the future and make you some sort of God. Or burn you.

Buy 50 Toyota Prius' and use them to block Ken Livingstone's front door
He won't mind because, according to the hybrid exemption in his xxx£8 a day driving into London tax, they don't cause congestion.

Decide to look like Bernie Ecclestone
Oh you mock now. Wait until the summer when the catwalks of Milan will be covered in chippy midgets with abysmal hair that looks like their mum cut it.