No more Rejen ?

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Re: No more Rejen ?

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Chris_R wrote: Mon Apr 12, 2021 8:57 am Hi Colin, the picture of Williams garage is only showing part of the building. Looking at it from an overhead view Williams garage occupies the part outlined in blue and it looks to me from the roof lines as if there are 2 further smaller units to the right. I expect it will be one of those smaller units.Otterbourne.jpg
Thank you Chris.. a better answer
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Re: No more Rejen ?

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I wish Jason every success in his new venture.
Most partnerships are open to stresses and strains and if the partners can't make it work for them (personally or financially) then moving on is the sensible thing to do.
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Re: No more Rejen ?

Post by Joerg »

I was obviously one of the last customer that had a bigger project with Rejen and the end of this well know company hit me by surprise. Suddenly my car was with Rejen Services and my bonnet with River Bourne Classics.

Both companies handled their internals without any problem for me and I will get my FF finished and tested very soon.

When I entered the Jensen world Rejen supplied me with the first parts that I needed to bring my CV8 back on the road. We did business together ever since - but to be honest I used all other suppliers also over the years.

When it came to the restoration of. FF139 there was no question that only they should do it for me. All I can say is they ( all together!) did a fantastic and outstanding job. My thanks go to all of them - Jason and Paul but specifically to Steve and the guys from the trim shop.

It is always team effort that leads to those results.

I‘m happy that both new companies had no problem to fulfil it in a good manner during the last phase.

I hope we will see them both for a long time providing the service that we all need so desperately to keep our cars rolling.

That sometimes life leads into different directions and that teams split up is normal and nothing to worry about. It’s all about people in every business.

For me Jason and Allison were always the face of Rejen and the driving force behind it. I‘m sure that their new business will be as successful as they have been over the last nearly three decades. I wish them all the best and I’m really looking forward to receive my FF from them.

Paul has now the big task to keep up what we all relate with the word Rejen and Service, but I’m very confident that he will make it.

Again, thank you both, great success in the future and stay save in this tough times.
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Re: No more Rejen ?

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Just my two cents:
I put an order in at Rejen about 2months ago, for some MK1 items they had. Although there was some delays in shipping the items, maybe related, maybe not, Alison did deliver on the promised items eventually. They were also very transparent and clear they were committed to delivering on their prior commitments.
All in all a civilized split, with people honoring their old clients and no throwing mud anywhere. Very british :D
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