Peter Blumbach's Interceptor Convertible

Narrow boat trip leads to an unexpected Jensen purchase!
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Peter Blumbach's Interceptor Convertible

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Peter's Convertible on the JOC stand at Essen

Peter explained that as a result of a narrow boat holiday, he discovered Cropredy Bridge Garage and the world of Jensens. So, whilst Peter didn’t get the car he first saw (a green one), he was hooked and went back again and ended up with the Convertible. You could say a “narrow boat trip led to an unexpected Jensen purchase!”
The Bridge in Cropredy Bridge goes over the Oxford Canal.

Top down

According to the paperwork Peter got with the car, it seems that the car was sold from the factory to a lady in Florida, Mrs. Winsome McIntosh in Palm Beach. It then went to a Michael McIntosh in Washington DC.

It was bought from a dealer who shipped it to the UK in 2011. After the respray from black to grey and a the change to the GKN wheels it was sold to Mr. Binley at the Coys auction July 2014.

Over the winter of 2014/2015 it had a bigger wellness holiday at Cropredy Bridge where they did a lot of work on the electrics, the sills, steering, suspension and so on.

Peter purchased it last Winter and had Cropredy do some additional work which included the change to UK/European spec.

Peter picked the car up in time to drive back to Germany and have it on the JOC stand at Techo Classica at Essen, with a week to spare :-).

At Cropredy waiting for a new owner

Some remedialwork before Peter bought the car


Peter's first sight of the car



Peter (left) with Cropredy's Bob Cherry. Peter told me he wasn't at his best when the photo was taken having sampled various hostelries in Oxford the night before

At rest on the ferry

Setting up the stand at Essen
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Re: Peter Blumbach's Interceptor Convertible

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Great to have another great car here in Germany.

And loads of thanks to Peter for letting us have the car in Essen on very short notice. It crossed the channel and drove to the stand more or less right after.

Well done and welcome to the club Peter.
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