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Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 9:19 am
by Wolfgang
fuel prices in NL are astronomous, around € 1,60+ per litre, Belgium 1,20+ €/l Germany around the same.

Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 9:57 am
by kees
Wolfgang wrote:have been last weekend in NL. In Hotels and shops mondmaskers (face masks) are obligatory, for breakfast you're scheduled. Here in Belgium face masks are obligatory always when being in public (Tennis court only not when you're playing), even playing boule/petanque they're obligatory. Authorities are thinking about local lockdowns, in Antwerp they have just done it. In our sailing club in Knokke you have to make an appointment if you desire to sail, maximum 25% of the members allowed due to space restrictions.
Looks like the second wave is approaching us.
This is not correct. At the moment face masks are obligatory in public transport only and advised in some situations where 1,5m social distance is difficult to maintain. In some instances breakfast/meals may be scheduled if social distancing cannot be maintained.
See below! This is a straight and not edited/corrected "Google Translate" translation of the official Covid-19 face mask/social distancing policy. Thus the English translation is not perfect. It's a bit like a Chinese users manual.
Kees Oudesluijs

Keeping your distance gives space to each other

It is now critical to remain alert and vigilant. Those who have complaints stay at home and have themselves tested. Because only then can we preserve the space we have earned together. From 1 July, the general rules for indoor and outdoor use below. Rules that do justice to what we now know about the spread of the virus.

General rules for indoor activities:
We keep 1.5 meters away from others.
Maximum 100 people per room with fixed seats (excluding staff).
No maximum number of people under the following conditions: fixed seats, reservation and health check in advance.
In shops, museums, libraries and other locations with flow of visitors, 1.5 meters away is the rule (locations themselves ensure compliance with this rule). There is no maximum number of people.

General rules for outdoor activities:
We keep 1.5 meters away from others.
Up to 250 people (excluding staff).
The catering industry always works with a fixed seat.
No maximum number of people under the following conditions: fixed seats, a reservation and a health check in advance.
In zoos, amusement parks and other outdoor locations with flow of visitors, 1.5 meters away is the rule (locations themselves ensure compliance with this rule). There is no maximum number of people.

In public transport, wearing a non-medical mask is mandatory. All seats in bus, train, tram and metro are available. It remains important to avoid rush hour.
For other transport from A to B (such as taxis, passenger vans and coaches): a reservation and health check in advance and a non-medical mask are required.
In the car (and other private transport) the following applies: a mask is recommended when several people travel in one car and they do not belong to the same household.
In other transport, the rule is provisional: keep 1.5 meters away.

Children and youth:
Children up to and including 12 years do not have to keep 1.5 meters between themselves and adults. This also applies to childcare and primary education.
Young people up to the age of 18 do not have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. This applies to all pupils (regardless of age) in secondary schools, who reopen fully after the summer holidays; the 1.5 meter between student and teaching staff remains in force.
As of the new academic year, more educational activities may again take place at MBO institutions, colleges and universities. Here students keep 1.5 meters away from others.

The rule is that everyone keeps 1.5 meters away. However, in some situations this is not possible and the 1.5 meter may be temporarily released. It's about:
People who belong to 1 household.
Contact between those in need and their escorts.
People with contact professions (such as hairdressers, masseurs and driving instructors).
Athletes (indoor and outdoor), actors and dancers.
Chants, loud singing or screaming in a group is not allowed.
For choirs and song ensembles, rehearsal and performance become possible again. Under what conditions, RIVM will provide advice on this in the very short term.
Discos and night clubs remain closed until September 1.

Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 10:44 am
by Wolfgang
Dear Kees,

my description is only what I have seen/experienced, don't know what is given by the authorities in NL. Had been in Breda staying there in a Hotel, step ways marked - but had together with my wife a nice conversation with the night manager without facemasks :D
Then was in a shop (van Mossel area, Mervinum) in order to buy my waterhoses for the Jensen - mondmaskers required.
Seems to me it's the same as here in Belgium, a lot of confusion - but we have to take care about our friends and ourselves. Hope they're not locking us down again, but this is also due to the discipline of us all.
Aside of my small garage I'm also running a 'vintage brasserie', having around 15 seats, in Corona times only allowed for 8 due to space restrictions, serving coffee, pintjie (beer), cold drinks and small snacks (Pizza, Lasagne, Curryworst, sparerips, steaks, belgian fries and more). I closed it now because like this sunday a group of bikers had shown up (all Harley drivers) - 20 guys, I placed them on my meadow behind the garage, but if police is getting notice of that I'm fined and closed...
Crazy times, we have to take care - and you never know what the government is deciding tomorrow (regarding Covid-19 I'm mostly according to them thus it's hard for us all)


Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2020 6:13 am
by colin7673
Hi Kees

What's the situation In the Nederlands please, as our news reports are telling us we need to self-isolate for 14 days upon return from Nederlands.

Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2020 10:24 am
by kees
There is a rise in Covid-19 infections largely, but not entirely, due to a rise in the number of tests performed. There have been some localised outbreaks in some of the larger cities and among students following the opening of the academic year. The main part of those affected are up to 30 years old. The hot weather (30-35 degrees C for well over a week) has not helped either as many could not keep sufficient distance on the beaches which were jam-packed, busier than ever before as most Dutch people stay in the Netherlands for their holiday instead of travelling to Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey etc.
Hospitalisations and deaths still remain very low. Since end of June the daily Corona death rate has been between 0 and 4 with 1 day 7 and one day 10. This is with a population of about 17 million.
So far there are no restrictions for travelling to and in the Netherlands for people from countries with a similar Covid-19 situation (e.g. the UK, France, Belgium, Germany).
Also see ... etherlands" onclick=";return false;.
Kees Oudesluijs

Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2020 12:33 pm
by John Staddon
The news that Colin has seen is correct. As of 15th August (at 4 am) the Netherlands will be removed from the UK's 'travel corridor' scheme and anyone arriving in the England from NL after that time will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. See ... -corridors" onclick=";return false;

I assume the same applies to the rest of the UK but Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales determine their own rules.

How long this requirement will remain in place is something we don't know.


Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2020 1:10 pm
by jjorj
Hi, we have just returned 4 days early from our French house to avoid quarantine and it was very busy at Eurotunnel but the safest means of crossing the Channel in my opinion. All UK has the same quarantine regs from 4.00am Saturday which brings Holland and France in line with Belgium. Not really a problem of you dont have to go to work as can isolate at home when back. Problem may be with reciprocal quarantine as France is doing.

Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2020 2:08 pm
by Wolfgang
Last weekend in Belgium they closed the highways to the coast as well as stopping the trains because too many people crowded there. So it may also be a problem to reach Calais via Belgium. These decisions are taken on short notice by our authorities, and may be changing day by day. Antwerp is orange and has a 'soft lockdown' at the moment.

Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2020 1:17 am
by RajM
Just noted this from UK GOV website: one to keep an eye on all... hope this changes again soon!

Updates to the travel corridor list
We will keep the conditions in these countries and territories under review. If they worsen we will reintroduce self-isolation requirements.

Countries or territories removed from the exempt list
The following countries and territories will be removed from the travel corridor list at 4am, Saturday 15 August 2020:

the Netherlands
Turks and Caicos Islands
If you arrive in England from the above countries or territories after 4am 15 August, you will need to self-isolate.

If you arrive in England from the above countries or territories before 4am 15 August you may not need to self-isolate. Read the rules about when you need to self-isolate and for how long.
Source: ... -corridors

Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2020 8:01 am
by kees
Due to the recent travel regulations introduced by the UK government I have sent an e-mail message with the following text to all UK participants of the HJGH Autumn weekend who did not cancel:

Dear all,

The decision of the UK government to introduce a mandatory self isolation for two weeks for travellers from a.o. France, Belgium, and Holland has taken us by surprise.

Some of you cancelled the weekend before 31 July to avoid the costs of a penalty. As you all know from the first of August there is a penalty when cancelling the hotel. We will enter negotiations with the hotel to see what can be done.

If you want to cancel and have not done so yet please let us know before August 21st as a later cancellation will mean a higher penalty..

If you decide that you still want to attend our Autumn weekend it would be nice if you will let us know.

At the moment there are no travel restrictions in the Netherlands for travellers from the Schengen area and the UK plus a few other countries. The Covid-19 situation in these countries is considered comparable so the risks are similar.

There are some rules to adhere to, in the Netherlands: social distance 1,5m, mandatory face masks in Public Transport, in some busy local areas like markets in some of the cities and face masks are advised in areas where social distancing is difficult. You should apply for a test locally asap if you have symptoms like coughing, runny nose, general malaise, suspect a Covid-19 infection or if you were in contact with someone having (suspected) Covid-19. Avoid extremely busy places.

Main thing is: just use common sense!!

Keep safe, sane and healthy.

Kind regards,

Kees Oudesluijs

Dorpsstraat 183
2995XG Heerjansdam
T: 078-677 1233
M: 06-53 211 588
E: /
Technische Commissie Jensen-Healey en GT
Het Jensen Genootschap Holland
http://www.jensenholland.nldo" onclick=";return false; hope you will let us know your decision asap.

Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:45 am
by colin7673

Thank you on keeping everybody updated.

Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2020 12:12 pm
by Wolfgang
Hi Kees,

we intend to participate Sat/Sun with a one night stay in the Hotel. My wife will not get a day off in her company, so Friday is impossible. Do you think booking will be possible to get a room on short notice?
Unfortunately we both are dependant on Covid-19 restrictions, my wife is not allowed to travel with the risk of self isolation due to her company.
Is the hotel having an underground park for our cars?

Thanks a lot

Have fun and stay healthy

Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 8:15 am
by kees
Only 10 days to go until our Autumn weekend kicks of. Sadly many, but not all, of the UK participants cancelled their trip because of the Covid-19 situation in the UK.
Due to the reduced number of participants we have had to change the Sunday lunch location. As there were no longer very strict time restrictions because of the sailing times of some ferries we have opted for a much nicer and more intimate location in Restaurant Hofferkeukens in Thorn, a very picturesque small town in the North-West of the province of Limburg. Hofferkeukens are the former kitchens of the Palace of Thorn. The latter has been demolished during Napoleonic times but the separate kitchen building remained and has recently been converted into a hotel and restaurant.
We also limited our scenic drives to Dutch territory only to avoid any possible problems.

From Thorn to the ferries in Rotterdam or Hoek van Holland is a 2hr drive so there is plenty of time to get there after lunch before final boarding (-19:00 and -21:30). To Calais is a 3hr30m drive.

Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 9:39 am
by kees
I hope everybody arrived home or at their next destination without problems after our Autumn weekend.
The weather forecast for the weekend was absolutely terrible but in the end we had quite decent weather with some rain during the night and some sun shine and one or two small showers during the day. Those with an open car were able to have the top down despite the lowish temperatures. I was sorry I had fitted the hard top.
In the end we had 11 cars out of the original 31-33. We initially had booked the complete hotel incl. two appartments.
The hotel was very accommodating and all cancelled rooms, even one that was cancelled only a day beforehand, were not charged so everybody who had to cancel got a full refund.
Because of that we will hopefully have our International weekend in the same hotel next year but the scenic drives will be in Belgium and Germany, Covid-19 permitting.
The "Grand Finale" was our Sunday lunch in restaurant Hoffergardens in Thorn, a very picturesque and historical small town, where we were surprised by a splendid 4-course meal in the old kitchen building of a former abbey.
Around 15:00 everybody was leaving for home or their next holiday destination.
I thank every participant for having been such excellent company and a good sport during in this Covid 19 time.
Kees Oudesluijs
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Re: Dutch HJGH Autumn weekend 2020

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 9:46 am
by kees
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