PW 10 - on the road now

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PW 10 - on the road now

Post by Joerg »

For the first time in decades PW 10 is registered and road legal now.
The only PW in the world that could be driven and thanks to Mike, who did a awesome job it could be driven anywhere!

We did a Foto shooting for a classic car magazine yesterday.
38EF99E2-A3BA-4046-8245-2175F683BE70.jpeg (172.04 KiB) Viewed 436 times
1F4A71A8-E5BF-4A71-8D60-B095C236C72C.jpeg (203.93 KiB) Viewed 436 times
EA 7000 was the first one
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Re: PW 10 - on the road now

Post by thomaslk »

Fantastic, Joerg. Nice registration plate as well.
best regards
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Re: PW 10 - on the road now

Post by RockyUSA »

Very nice!

Congratulations, and enjoy driving a super car!!

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