Restoration of FF 119/133

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Re: Restoration of FF 119/133

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When I bought the car the front wings and valance had already been sorted but the bonnet had been patched up and although it was all steel and strong it would have been a problem with the amount of filler it would have needed.
I bit the bullet and had a new skin made which although painful financially is the only way to do it right.

The strange thing about this car is it is amazingly rust free but has suffered many dents by what on looks like a sustained attack with a baseball bat, even the tubes were solid with just small patches required. The welding from the A posts back had obviously been partly completed by somebody different to the front end though as it was done to a poor standard. These have all been removed and 2 new doorskins fitted along with 2 new rear 1/4 panels and inner/outer rear valance.
It was a shame to fit the o/s rear 1/4 as Geoff the welder had already fitted a repair section to the wheelarch, but I had a great guy removing dents and getting the metal perfectly smooth who said he could lead load the repair which did not go well and must have had acid left behind the lead, this was very disheartening but I decided a new rear 1/4 taking out the problem area was the best way forward. Luckily this was the only area he put the lead.

I will post some photos when I have stripped the rest of the old epoxy primer and got the whole car to bare metal before a new protective primer goes on, I was thinking of spraying Bilt Hamber Electrox on as I cant spray 2K paint in my workshop so 2K epoxy primer is out. It just needs to keep the metalwork safe for a year before it goes for paint, but I will hopefully buy another Carcoon to store it in when it is not being worked on.
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