Wanted Mk3 Starter Motor

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Wanted Mk3 Starter Motor

Post by Barry55 »


Would anybody have for sale a stater motor for a 1974 MK3 Interceptor with 7.2L engine.

If you do please reply and let's see if we can agree a mutually acceptable deal.


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Re: Wanted Mk3 Starter Motor

Post by johnw »

Another alternative Barry is to fix what you have, assuming you have one. Have a quick look inside, it is usually the brushes, they can come unsoldered, or wear a lot more than the fitter expected, and get held off by short wires etc. Carbon brushes kits are available.

Edit: you need to know if you have a standard starter motor, lots of people fit upgraded ones. You could photograph it for us. Could be a good first job to fix that if you are not into DIY. Buy a new or used one if it doesn't work out. If you are getting a mechanic to fit it maybe a refurbed ons is a good idea. This reminds me I need to buy some brushes as spares!
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Re: Wanted Mk3 Starter Motor

Post by paulkoopal »

Hi Barry,

I have a starter motor, working disambled from my Interceptor.
Please mail me on paulkoopal@ziggo.nl

Best from Paul Koopal, Schoorl, Netherlands
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Re: Wanted Mk3 Starter Motor

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Something to look out for if you buy a used starter motor - during the rebuild process, check if the main shaft is straight and cleanly turns in the body of the starter without binding.

The PO of my car gave me 2 used starter motors, and when mine seemed to give up, I though it would make perfect sense to rebuild it given all of the spares that I had. When I checked the straightness of the main shaft of each of the 3 starters I had, all were bent and would heavily bind against the body of the starter motor (another reason why they spun slowly).

After noticing this, I decided that a fast-wind starter was a better investment!

Cheers, Dino
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