Wolfrace wheels

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Wolfrace wheels

Post by Barrie »

Well, no interest in my 5 Wolfrace wheels.
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One of two things is happening:
1) There's no one out there who is looking for a set of Wolfraces in which case I must be patient and wait until that changes.
2) I'm asking too much and so would invite offers by 22nd August after which I'll advertise more widely.

I really don't want to go the Ebay etc. route and would much rather do a quick deal with a Forum or Club member

Collection is from South London.
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Re: Wolfrace wheels

Post by Frankoid »

Did any Jensens come with Wolfrace wheels from the factory? I think 127/297 did so maybe others did too.
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Re: Wolfrace wheels

Post by Per »

No idea if factory (or dealers) ever fitted them but certainly popular at the time. I viewed a number of cars before I bought the Int in 1980 (or was it 1981?) and two or three were on Wolfraces. The snowtyres for my FFs have always been on the Wolfrace set I bought in the early 90ies. Over the years I have seen quite a few Mk1 on Wolfrace.

As I have said before the original centre caps are horrible so I made a set to take Jensen MkIII medallions that protrude less from the wheel. Much better imho.
Not only English cars these days, an Italian is part of the stable again 8)
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