Rusting A90 (541) wheel on ebay around £30

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Re: Rusting A90 (541) wheel on ebay around £30

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Photos of the Image wheel that was based on the wheel from eBay: ... 6&start=80" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Rusting A90 (541) wheel on ebay around £30

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It would be interesting to see photos of the rear side of the Austin and later Jensen CV8 wheels. Perhaps we could spot the reinforcement?
John Staddon wrote:As Stephen has just mentioned one of the reasons so many C-V8s lost their original wheels is because the original wheels cracked between the vent holes (in normal road use and not just when racing) and JML fitted reinforced wheels to later cars. Unfortunately I have no idea what form this reinforcement took. It's something to bear in mind when getting the wheels reproduced as if you copy exactly a wheel that didn't start life on a Jensen then the new wheels might crack as well.

John Wild
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