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MK3 Interceptor (early) interior and MK1 seat bits

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by Mark1Stu » Wed Apr 15, 2020 11:03 am

Been tidying up my garage.

I bought a near complete MK3 interior (G- series I believe as it has map pockets in the door cards and, as it transpires, the glove box lid is slightly longer than later ones) just in case I needed bits for my MK3 interior. As it turned out, I reused, refurbed, and where necessary replaced with new leather, the interior of my car. Hence the 'spare interior' can go. It has had new door card backing, the front seat bases have been rebuilt with new foam and webbing. There is no furniture with the interior (how I bought it), it was half heartedly recoloured (not by me) so looks a wishy washy red but is actually a light tan underneath. It has had some localised repairs, but most bits would go again with a sympathetic refurb. But it wasn't good enough to swap over into my car, so you'd need to make your own mind up. The centre rear seat section has been recovered. The door card screw on top sections are good. Ditto the arm rests. There are no rear side cards.

I've also many items of front MK1 seat furniture and runners. Plus some front seat bases and upper seats which will either need full or partial trimming and recolouring. They were not good enough for me to refurb and sell on. So again you'd need to make your own mind up. I've also many MK1 front seat back fibreglass hoops - one of which is Vignale or v early Westbrom as it's half and inch wider and a different profile than all the rest.

During the refurb of my MK3, I bought 2, possibly 3 centre you do!? In the end I spent days refurbing the one from my MK3 - so they are now surplus too. One has the remnants of a Philips RN712 cassette player in it.

If anyone's interested in any of these items, drop me a PM. It'll have to wait until after Covid-19, and collection only from Bristol. If I find the energy and enthusiasm to take pictures, I'll post them on here - so best treat this as a heads up for now as I've just tidied most items away.....
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by Kevin O » Sun Jun 14, 2020 8:55 am

Hi I’m interested in your interior 07563541623 Kevin
Kevin O
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