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car radios and DIN-adaptors

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by kees » Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:46 am

I have plenty of the DIN fitting to twin shaft radio fitting adaptors available in various forms.
Problem is that I cannot load up pictures to the forum for some unknown reason. If anybody is interested I can send some photos to your e-mail address. There are basically three variations, also depending on the radio that is to be fitted.

For those interested I am also selling of my collection of car radios from the 1930's up to ca. 1985. Several from 1950-1960 original with FM and/or DIN input socket that can be used to play a gramophone, tape-player, MP3-player, smart phone, I-phone, I-pad. From the 1960's onwards most have FM.
Most are German, Austrian, Japanese, Dutch made, but I also have several 1950's tube radio's e.g. made in New Zealand or Sweden.
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