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by michaelevans60 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:10 pm

Just dropping by to say "hello". I've bought Gary Boyd's blue S3 Interceptor so it now lives with me in Sunbury-on-Thames. Had it about a month so far and loving it. I may have met some of you at the Ace last Tuesday. I also represented us there at the American and Mopar day (although the girl on the gate parked me in the corner behind a Ford Fiesta as I wasn't an American car - but it turned out for most of the event I was the only Mopar engined car there amongst the Mustangs and Chevys!). Also went into town for the meet the same evening on Battersea bridge. Then Pistonheads at Brooklands the following day (anyone own a Primrose S3 Interceptor convertible?).

The car is going great at the moment but I look forward to meeting some of you and maybe calling on you for help and advice (though hopefully not too soon...).

Mike Evans
Blue 1973 Mk3 Interceptor
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