1973 MK3 Interceptor Barn Find Value???

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Re: 1973 MK3 Interceptor Barn Find Value???

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Hi .
Thank you for the reply,
Thats great could you email over some details and photos please .
1977 interceptor
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Re: 1973 MK3 Interceptor Barn Find Value???

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Im also interested in buying your car. I am a private not a trade buyer and am looking for a car to restore. I had agreed to buy a mustard dry state left hand drive car but the seller who claims to be a West Coast Jensen specialist did not have title and then went AWOL! I have restored a couple of cars to a good standard so the car will be returned to its former glory - will send you a PM
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Re: 1973 MK3 Interceptor Barn Find Value???

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Grant wrote:
Jon H wrote:Did all the cars around that time have a leather trimmed gear selector, mine is only 3 months younger but has the horrible plastic looking one.
I am fairly certain Jon that all the gear lever handles were covered in Leather.. the ones around now that haven't got any leather on I believe it is because the leather has been removed..But of course that is a guessImage.. I can't imagine that Jensen left that plastic on show in any of the carsImage
hey grant there is a feature in a mag out at the moment the feature car is a Tangerine SP it has the faux wood shift knob maybe some where sold like that,, :lol: :lol:
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Re: 1973 MK3 Interceptor Barn Find Value???

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Hi, everybody. Did this car sell? Any idea on price if "yes". Kenny38 8)
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