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by Balmy » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:58 pm

I bought this car in November 2017 four days after my son was born. I might have been a little optimistic on how much time I would have......

The car had been recommissioned and MOT’ed after being off the road for about 20 years and then advertised for further restoration when I bought it.

Since then I’ve done a couple of hundred miles in it and done very little to it. Apart from check over the mechanicals, fit a black headlining and fit some Ramair filters as the old air box was broken, it’s sat pretty much unused.

The interior is very good. The dash and front seats are excellent. The back seat is missing the lower squab but you can buy these. With it fitted though the head room in the back would be even less than the not much room now!
The boot area is ok. There are tears in the leather where the catches for putting the rear seat down have caught.
The carpets desperately need changing but are good enough for templates. This was going to be my next job along with cleaning the door cards which are ok.
The bodywork isn’t great. A past respray in the 1990’s has micro blistered and there are ‘issues’ on most panels. The fibreglass bonnet has some crazing, drivers side wing has holes on the top edge ( 5p size ) , bottom of wings need attention as do the doors. The rear quarters although straight are chipped, scratched and rusty paint missing patches. The panels are very straight and there’s lots of touched up bits in a slightly different colour. The car really need to be viewed so you can assess yourself.

Underneath is solid. It had new floor pans and maybe sills in the late 80’s ( if I remember correctly ) It is well under sealed.

It was put on a rolling road just prior to me buying it to set it up and it drives very well. The sound from the intake is unbelievably fantastic and the exhaust note through the stainless system is great too. There is a leak of oil from the cam covers despite having the rubber gaskets fitted.

The gear selection let’s it down at the moment. I was advised to replace the rubber bush on the remote extension which helped but while under it I noticed the linkage is badly worn. Shouldn’t be too hard to fix but currently it can be difficult to select the right gear. Once warm and you’ve got used to it it is easier but even now I sometimes select 3rd instead of 5th etc.

I haven’t MOT’ed it this year. Partly as it’s now exempt, partly I’ve not done many miles and partly I’m confident it’s safe. I would recommend though as it’s been sat unused this year it’s checked or MOT’ed before going on the road. Best to pick it up on a trailer just in case.

It would really be best to view the car if you are serious. Describing bodywork condition is difficult at best. The car is in Devon though not kept at my home in Torquay but can be here for viewings with a little notice.

Any questions or requests for photos of certain places are welcome. I’m not in a rush to sell and want the car to go to someone who will improve it and keep this rare car on the road.

2304264E-6A21-4CA0-9854-66639884C581.jpeg (153.39 KiB) Viewed 223 times
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