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Re: FF for Auction - Brightwells

Post by cannonball »

Rotor-G wrote:Have FFs really halved in value ?

has a FF really ever done over 100k ???? adv prices are not the same as real sales, so I do not know, the 150k ones are just trying it on by the look of the market, its a real shame as they should be up there with some Astons,,
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Re: FF for Auction - Brightwells

Post by Chris_R »

I know of two or three that have gone for over £100k and one that reached £50 short of the magic £100k. Real prices paid.
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Re: FF for Auction - Brightwells

Post by Grant »

Rotor-G wrote:Have FFs really halved in value ?
Not sure they've halved in vlaued.. but like anything Rotor.. they are only worth what you can get on the day.. Look at the Manual Mk1 that sold that day.. is made £33K the last manual Mk1 Interceptor that went to Auction about a year ago made £88K because 2 people really wanted it :?
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Re: FF for Auction - Brightwells

Post by DPP »

Its a bad time to sell with all the political turmoil people dont seem to be spending on classics. This is not just a Jensen thing, personally unless I was really stuck for the money I would be holding out for another year or until Brexit has passed.

As said there are a few FF’s that have sold for close to and above £100K and in my opinion somebody got a bargain here.
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Re: FF for Auction - Brightwells

Post by Steve Payne »

Not trying to scare anyone but a lot of Classic car values have been struggling for a while, there are some high asking prices but very few are reaching the price unless they are in amazing condition.

When you see people asking over £5k for an Allegro and over £30k for a Capri you know things have gone mad.

I recently went to a classic car auction and less than 15% of the cars sold.

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Re: FF for Auction - Brightwells

Post by Howie »

Lots of cars at the same auction failed to sell, Classic car prices are very depressed at present because of all the political uncertainty. Great time to buy but not so good when your selling!
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