Two Tone Interceptor Barn Find

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Re: Two Tone Interceptor Barn Find

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I bought this car back in around 2007/8 from a Chinese family around Hatfield. I remember it had been off the road for around 20 years but I literally put a battery on it and it fired up and ran really well. Both floor pans were very rotten, as were inner/outer sills, it was really quite nasty in places, HOWEVER, I remember it had a near perfect interior. I sold it soon after buying adding on a little for the work I did to a chap from (I think) Doncaster. It must have been stored inside as otherwise I don't think there would be much left.
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Re: Two Tone Interceptor Barn Find

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Interjen wrote:adding on a little for the work I did
The gold pinstripes?
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