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by johnw » Sat Apr 20, 2019 12:04 pm

kenny38 wrote:Was investigated by Chinese tax auditors who really get a hard on with dealing with classic car owners using car for business when not being fixed.
Be afraid.....very. :evil: kenny38

Thanks for that Kenny. I had no idea what things were like with computers these days. Back in the 90s you got relief on older company cars, and could also claim back tax and VAT on fuel used! Big plus if you used your Jensen! I was warned by a car friendly lawyer once that having too many Jensen FFs could be seen as a business activity in its own right, and be liable to tax. Thankfully? they never went up much in value and just covered their costs.

Maybe those cars above could still be a fun project if people viewed them as "Objects d' Art" at this point in their lifecycle. When I had all the FFs project cars, I would buy parts only if they were rare, FF specific, and were cheap enough to add less than their cost to the car project value, even though it was just a hobby. I never bought consumables for them, new parts (other than gaskets), chrome, rubber, until the last possible minute. You could do 90% of the work, cleaning, fabricating, restoring leather, electrics, even engine rebuilds to stock, carb rebuilds, without spending big $$$. Many people never get to the final push, and if you start the project with that in mind, it can save big $$$.
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