Cropredy Shock

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Re: Cropredy Shock

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Hi Julian,
The door cards are recessed to take the wooden door strips which were securely screwed in place from the reverse of the door card. To date, I haven’t seen another Interceptor with this upgrade, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn of others out there.
My car is currently undergoing some minor detailing work at Cropredy Bridge. Having seen first hand what they’re doing at Cropredy Bridge I can honestly say that they are raising the bar for Jensen Interceptors and I can only applaud them for their attention to fine detail. I can see Jensen Interceptors reaching the highs associated with E Types in 3 or 4 years time. Previously, it wasn’t worth spending large sums on Interceptors because you could never recover your costs in doing so. It’s looking very different now.
I recently visited Martin Robey’s for parts and was served by Craig Robey who told me that last year the demand for Interceptor parts tripled and this year looks set to triple again. I have to say, I’m hardly surprised.
Jensen Interceptors are at last receiving the recognition they’ve long deserved!!!
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Re: Cropredy Shock

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Nice to read CB's attitude on prices for Jensen's going up and spares figures doing well. Well in our world a 76 S3 just got sold for 14K. Now i don't know it's condition (probably not as finessed as CB build) but that is a seriously low price. Obviously the top end of the market for Jensen's is very much alive for quietly wealthy people. I wish they would expose themselves (sit down,Grant) to the media. Don't forget the dog whistling prices for imaculate FF's at Rejen. Some one is buying. At big prices and it would appear not joining our very social club. We have a PR/Media person. Can that person find out anything about the buyers and get a story. And believe me there is a back story for every bespoke car made. We need urgent attention to our own market and membership drive. I would come over there and fix it all for a Gold Amex but not sure if i would make it intact. Kenny38 8)
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Re: Cropredy Shock

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Thanks Chris. I figured it might have been done something like that.
Good to hear the cars are gradually increasing in value. As the cost of owning is continually increasing also.
Regards J
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