Chassis No: 115/2993

Engine No. E1121/15D

Built : 10/10/1968

Original Registration: JZ1

Original Colour:   White

                Interior - Blue


Original Equipment:

  1. *Power Assisted Steering

  2. ********

Current Colour: ***********

Current Engine No: E**********

Current Registration: TEG 985G

Current Mileage: ***********

Mileage Record:

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

Current Owner since:

**********    -   to date.

Previous Owners:

****    -  *****  *************** 

****    -  *****  *************** 

Club Area:

Past work.

2005 - 2006.

2006 - 2007.

2007 - 2008.

2008 - 2009.

2009 - 2010.

Future Projects:

Known on the Forum as Joseph R

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JOC Membership  Number    ****

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Current Owners Comments (as at May 2020)

I still have TEG 985G . She’s not been out for a while as the bonnet hinge has rusted through and until I can get that fixed I’m trying to avoid any bumpy roads as the bonnet doesn’t currently lock down. I did start her the other day though – first time in about 4 months, and she started literally straight away! (the benefits of an electric fuel pump and a battery which doesn’t seem to lose charge being sat). She’s keen to get out as much as I am keen to start using her again!


However, I have decided that I would rather have a CV8, so I am actively looking and once the Mk1 is all spruced up and the bonnet sorted I’ll be putting her up for sale.


Current Owners Comments (as at Jan 2012)

I've owned the car for about 4 years now (? I lose track of time....) I'd imagine it is registered as amongst it's previous owners are Tim Clarke and Andy from Appleyards - however - attached are a couple of photos of it - let me know if it's on the list, and if not then I'll dig out some chassis/engine numbers for you.

I've driven it once in the last year as my father has been using it in Sheffield whilst it was undergoing a long and lengthy bit of upgrading (small upgrades, but s l o w mechanic....). I'd due to pick it up and bring it back to London in about 10 days, so am obviously quite excited - hopefully the alternator and voltmeter upgrades have been done by then....

Although living in London and currently owning 5 cars is a bit much, so I should slim down the stable this year, I'm not sure which one/s I'll be parting with but if you know of anyone looking for a solid reliable, unmolested, Mk1 then I may be persuaded to part with it for a reasonable sum - or part ex on a 541....



            Blue (for sale)                         Green (on the road).                     Yellow (under restoration)                         Black (scrap )

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