Chassis No: 115/2972

Engine No. E1100/15D

Built : 13 Sept 1968

Original Registration: PDD400G

                        (registered in USA 1980)

Original Colour:    Stratosphere Blue

                        Black Interior

Original Equipment:

  1. *Power Assisted Steering

  2. *CHild’s Seat

Current Colour: Stratosphere Blue

Current Engine No: E**********

Current Registration: PDD 400G/

Current Mileage: ***********

Mileage Record:

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

*****    -   *****    ************

Current Owner since:

**********    -   to date.

Previous Owners:

****    -  *****  *************** 

****    -  *****  *************** 

Club Area:

Past work.

2005 - 2006.

2006 - 2007.

2007 - 2008.

2008 - 2009.

2009 - 2010.

Future Projects:

Current Owners Comments (as at May 2020)

son of previous Owner’s Comments (as at Apr 2020)


You had previously put me in touch with the current owner of this MK1 which belonged to my parents from about the late 70s in Windsor Ontario until about 1992 shortly after my father passed at a young age. Thank you for that!   I spoke with the new owner in Toronto and he updated me in the car and is enjoying it.  I thought I would send you a couple additional photos for your resource site.

(photos added to the album)

 The first one is from about 2010/2011 before the new owner bought it.  The rest are early to mid 80s from car shows and in front of our house with yours truly cleaning up the trunk at a show in Michigan or Ohio with a bonus pink Interceptor in the back of the last photo from that show.  The show was an annual Battle Of Britain car show and the photos are most likely 1987 or 1988. 

Thanks for providing such a great resource! 

Known on the Forum as Rick S

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